Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

Funny nick, but that day is far to come for me =p

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

No wait, that the wrong one! But what is the grades for a Community Manager/Developer?

Welcome to The Fleet, Admiral!

Ok, that's better. And to celebrate your birthday, we are gonna to shoot 3 or 4 nukes tied with random guys from my crew!

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

As AMBIROA said, beta is coming =)

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

We are finally cover every single state of Europe: great!

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

As you, we are eager to play The Game =)

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

Remember to introduce your group/guild also here =)


I totally forgot about the stream. Too much stuff to do. And too much tired too =(

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We have a Dev Stream sooon, so there it is our chance =)

Would it be possible for someone to post it later to Youtube? I know I will be working during the livestream (I live in Alabama) and will miss the entire thing if it is at 1pm CST.

They will probably have a VOD posted on Twitch after a couple of hours so keep an eye out smile

What he said. AND, they will upload the video on their Youtube channel, later (

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

And thank you for choosing Dreadnought Airlines. You travel will be filled with angry opponents, strange shaped asteroids and nuclear explosions =)

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

Well, it's not like they are hidden: they are furiosly refreshing their e-mail boxes, waiting for the Alpha access invite ^^'''