PANDA#7415 posted (#post-8251)

You bring out some solid points. I'm sure developers have taken this into consideration. However the sad fact is that such matters become clear at launch or change later. Again a subject where developer input would be very interesting to read.

We have a Dev Stream sooon, so there it is our chance =)

Also we, as community, can and should point out what are the features we would like to see and what not before the game come out. In that regard Bear post is, imho, very good: for example he know that grind will be a part of the game, but he point out what grinding level is not acceptable for him.

Dreadnought run under Unreal Engine 4, so I am pretty sure that it will scale well.

Wobbley#8100 posted (#post-8253)

I would be seriously shocked if Dreadnought does not run on Win 10. I think they used Win 8 at the gaming conventions (not 100% sure) and that ran great. So if that runs well, so will Win 10

If it don't run there are so many games with the same problem, since the engine is the Unreal Engine 4

More than a hull corrosion, what about affecting the efficiency of the crew?

Greynick#6568 posted (#post-8221)

I received an email with the Pre-Alpha invite.

I'm sure it had a key in it but now when I open the email the key seems to have vanished

There doesn't seem to be a link to download the game client / launcher either?

Ah never mind - I was opening the wrong email! smile

Edit: Lol, and I was answering you seriously.

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dev stream announced!

"Beer may be involved!"

May be? Guys, are you actually scared to take on my challenge smile ?

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Then how will you prevent groups of people harassing someone? let's say someone in a guild keeps getting killed by a skilled player. He gets mad and asks everyone in the guild to place a bounty on him. And this just because he was better than your teammate

Well, if all goes well, there will be a lot of players in this games, and I think it would be difficult for someone to fight against the same team/player two or more times in a row.

And, unfortunately, we know as fact that people could put a bounty on someone for "lower" reasons than "He killed me a lot of time!". Still, I think it could be a nice tool to keep busy the high rank players (those guys get bored sooo fast... smile )

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Watcha talkin' bout? You belong to us, man! smile

Ok. But remember that I am a strong and independent Captain and I don't belong to anyone!

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3vs5 is unfair...the enemies should call for more people to join them smile smile smile

Ok, I join them =)

... in this thread, well I got a bounty on me!

Seriously: I hate coconut =/