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trolling sounds soooo 'fantasy game like'. Isn't there a Sci-Fi version of it smile?

ps....cyber trolling is too obvious.


I already have a Beta key!!!!

Uooooo, ssssso ssshhhiiiinyyyy!


since Dreadnought devs decide to "tickle" us with the announce of the beginning of Alpha phase, and too many of us unjustly have not yet received the invite, I would like to request a new Dev Stream... but with a few variation.

First - Introduction of the Hosts, dressed with the typical dress (Hansel costume is called the male one, I think), and some talk about the latest upgrade on the game or work in progress (new maps, new game mode... that kind of stuff).

Second - Questions phase. For every question accepted and replied, the hosts can sip some beer from their mugs. For every question denied or unanswered, they will have to drink a full glass of water (min: 200ml)

Third - Gameplay phase. The hosts, whatever it is their state, will play against alpha players and show us how the game should be played.

Are there any dev ready to take the challenge? ^___^

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I got a key but I was not able to play the game yesterday and the day before so i am quite pumped now smile

You are supposed to do not reveal that you are an Alpha tester.

Unless you are trolling. Oh you....


Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

Please, be sure to announce your group here smile

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

You have a 3D figure? You gained my eternal hate!

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

Do not worry: there are also Amerincans users. And Aussie too!

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Sorry if I'm treading over the same topic that might have been discussed already. Apart from mouse and keyboard, will Dreadnought have HOTAS support for people like myself who prefer playing games with a game pad?

Hi! I think that it's very unlike that we will see Hotas support for this game since, as far as I know, at the moment there is not yet an confirmation that there will be a controllore/joypad (like 360/One pad) support.

But, anyway, fingers crossed =)

Sorry neocorps, we still don't know much about the single player campaing and how it will be structured.

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Why not closed alpha? smile

Because if I hope in it and don't get in, I will be really sad. And then I have to tie you to the nuke and shoot you in the void, so you will get sad too.

So let's avoid it, ok =) ?

I agree with Devas: it's a bit odd for a Corvette, but sound fun =D

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Ship name: Deciever

Class: Corvette


Small and sleek, this ship is very lightly armoured and lacks weapons. But is still justly a high priority target.

Number of guns and type(optional)

Two frontal turrets and one back mounted turret all with weak weapons

Unique Abilities

Disruption: Launches a small module that will stick to enemy ships, if it succesfully hits the victim will have all enemy and friendly markers swapped for X duration. Making the victims tracking weapons unable to fire on real enemies.

Disruptor pulse: by overloading their disruptor systems a giant pulse is created, shutting down all targeting systems until they can reboot. All markers dissapear and no tracking weapons can lock on. Any tracking weapons in the air during the pulse explode.

Ship name: Trident

Class: Tactical cruiser


Strangely shaped as a umbrella with shimmering plates along it's sides

Number of guns and type(optional)

Quad weapons around the front end.

Unique Abilities

Mirror form: the ship folds itself towards the front and create a frontal barrier that absorb all all attacks hitting from the front. Charging power for other uses. Careful, if you store too much the energy will explode.

Retribution: all stored energy is unleashed in a devestating beam, burning foes in it's path until the stored energy is spent.

Salvation: stored energy is given to nearby allies, giving them shields and full energy for a short duration.

Both ideas probably overpowered, but eh. Gotta start somewhere and shave off the opness until it feels balanced