Yea having a zoomed in minimap in the moment and having a toggled m map would be a nifty way of handling it. Would be kind of the best of both worlds situation where if someone is focused in on the mini map they might still be surprised but the tactical option for a bigger map is there for those with good awareness.

As to the health bars thing making healing even more OP.....well I am sorry but I disagree both as a healer and a corvette player because I do both equally =\ if healing is too strong then it needs to be balanced in other ways, removing the ability for a healer to do his job effectively from a gameplay point of view as a means of balancing is just poor game play design. It frustrates the one playing healer and reduces the feel of the game experience for the one healing. I personally don't think healing is too strong as that comes down to team play and overall team comp. Heck a corvette with assault blink warp can nearly 100-0 a tac cruiser in seconds if he times his attack right =\

Sorry guys but you will never be able to convince me that limiting information on the battlefield is a good way to balance a game like turns it more into a game of who got lucky enough to have their health bar pop up instead of who played their ship better.

To be completely frank, the whole point I was trying to make before is that I would gladly spend whatever the price point if the internal mechanics were different for what I am buying. It's the fact that I am buying something for a single ship that I then have to rebuy for every other ship that is giving me pause. I did buy the founders pack but that was mostly for the hero ships, 30 days of elite, and to support the game because I believe it has some pretty good potential.

I speak for myself I know, but when I go to make a purchase in a video game I am looking to know that I am getting something solid out of it. The founders pack offered me the value I wanted for what I was spending. I got 30 days of elite, plus hero ships to play around with and enjoy, plus some GP to buy some character eye candy and a few pieces of ship vanity items PLUS I got colors and ship parts to use on other ships which in my mind is more worth while then buying the individual colors for the ships. Even after all that though I still have 1510 GP that I simply don't WANT to spend on ship eye candy unless I am buying something that I can use universally =\ I am mostly saving it in case something comes along I simply must have and so far not much is hitting that mark for me.

Also in response to SkyRaider with figureheads being too small. If they were larger like the morningstar figurehead for example where I could see them more clearly ingame as a nice and cool fashion statement, I would easily pay just about any price. Especially if it was a giant skull like the one on the Arcadia from Harlock Space Pirate eyes go glassy man that would be epic. Even if all that were true though I have to say I would still hesitate if I had to buy it for each individual ship.

Wasn't saying anything about map sizes as in the physical size lol I meant mini map. Probably my own lack of clarity there.

I must disagree with others thoughts on the price points, these are the kinda things that should be a bit pricey (500GP) and the color options should be the lower side (100gp-200gp) tops since from a labor point of view I would bet these take more effort to make than a simple recolour option. The thing I would like to see though is more figure heads. I also think that figureheads and emblems should be a one time purchase kinda thing, I would be willing to pay a lot more for it if it was. I don't like the whole buy it for every ship kinda thing as it seems like you are nickel and diming a bit here. I do understand for the colorizations and for these retrofits as its essentially like buying a "skin" option for those ships but the emblems and figureheads should be one time buys and use anywhere you want.

I think if you increased the price point slightly and made them function in this way you would get a lot more purchases. I know I would certainly be more willing to buy them.

I really don't know where else to put this so I am putting it here. This is mostly a list of things I have found annoy the absolute ever living **** out of me that I for one would like to see fixed.

Thing 1) Shot occlusion by "invisable walls". Idk what causes it, maybe its the perspective shift from zooming in, maybe its the hit boxes on terrain are not trimmed properly. It's a problem I haven't had to deal with in a game since like 2004 =\ it is frustrating and makes the game feel half assed. Please fix it.

Thing 2) Health bars going invisable. I would prefer it personally if the stupid things never disappeared at all and just got smaller based on perspective or something. Even if they didn't get smaller I would prefer they never disappear. There is nothing more annoying to me then being 2 feet from an ally and I can't see his health unless I aim at him when I am trying to keep another guy alive. In a tactical game I want the ability to react to the situation and I find it infinitely frustrating when I don't have the information I need to react properly. If you aren't willing to make this change as a standard thing, please at least consider adding an option to keep ally/enemy/both health pools visable at all times. Also if you have it set to remove ally health pool when they are behind terrain....just don't...

Thing 3) Stated already but the lack of a proper matchmaker is annoying. I keep seeing one sided games left right and center. Whatever your system currently is for deciding how to divy up the teams it just isn't working. I know that this is a long term problem but I am mostly mentioning it to add my voice that this IS a problem and it does need fixed long term for this game's future.

Thing 4) Although a minor thing, the lack of a large scale map in non conquest game modes is kinda crappy. All games of this genre have it, I think most of us expect it. If there is some kind of tactical reason for it by all means but I would rather know who is where in a pinch so I can react better to allys that may need backup or holes in the enemy line where I can take advantage. The current map UI doesn't give much on that in non conquest game modes (but it does in conquest which I find odd).

All in all its mostly small stuff and I am sure my tone and attitude are a bit aggressive because I am writing this coming off a rather aggressive losing streak on 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 >.> butttttttttttt the fact remains I think everything I am saying here is important and I thank you in advance for your consideration in these matters.