Good news. I gotta say though it's taking a helluva long time for you to release it on steam. Like one year in beta and they you announce and then another several months before the game actually appears on steam. I mean Jesus.

I see this as a drawback of this game. You can deal enormous damage to a ship with great effort only to see it being restored to full health. It makes efforts at dealing damage pointless and draws away the feeling of power your ship should have.

Sure, they reduce ranges but it doesn't mean they need to reduce them so drastically. Fractured Space has longer ranges. In world of Warships battleships fire for as long as more than 20 km and the gameplay is not less frantic than in this game.

All this - lack of ship armor, no module damage, very short weapon range, small maps covering planet surface, corvette domination in a dreadnought game - all this doesn't contribute to that feeling that you are on a dreadnought. No massive scale, no power.

This is how it feels for me. These are giant space ships from the future and the range for artillery cruiser is like 7 km?

Come on, ancient battleships from WW2 could fire for more than 20 km. And ships in the future can't do that?

Modern day tanks can hit targets at 3,5-4 km range. That's a tank, a small vehicle with 3-4 people inside. And we have massive husks with hundreds of people inside and all they can do is 7 km? Are you kidding me?

Well maybe you don't like the game is all. There is elimination mode in Dreadnought where respawn is not allowed. You can play that mode exclusively if that's what you fancy.

The game is team based yes. And dreadnopught can be excruciatingly boring at times. When two teams turtle up with several healers on both sides healing all the damage - this can go on for hours and shows a flawed gameplay. You know that map with the hunch in the center? So two teams sit behind that hunch on both sides like two bunch of street teenagers poking at each other from behind a fence. But the gameplay can be good and exciting when you jump into several enemies with your dreadnought and fire up a broadside taking them down one by one and escaping with almost no health.

Good point on map design. These are freaking dreadnoughts we are talking about. They belong in space not on the planets surface. Fleet carriers don't belong in rivers or lakes. They belong in seas and oceans. The same goes for spaceships. They belong in space.

I don't know what is going behind the scenes with this game. Maybe they are going to change developer or publisher or whatever. But I wouldn't want this game to disappear. There are only two big space ship battle games out there that I know of - Dreadnought and Fractured Space. They are both good in their own ways. If Dreadnought is here to stay they have tons of work to do to make this game great.

The UI is to put it lightly not the best feature of this game. They updated the upper part of the hangar UI which is now so so but the rest of the UI is now inconsistent with the updated part. The ship module tree is an oversized mess. There is no way to see which primary weapon a hsip has before buying it. There are so many other points. It's not good. And the battle UI? Man you can't always tell what those buttons at the top mean because they look so d__mn weak.

Valid points all. They need to rebalance how scoring points works. Healers are very often at the top and all they have to do is to stick to a Dread and heal. On ther other hand heavy dreads can be in the thick of the action taking damage, dealing damage, getting kills, assists and turn out to be at the bottom of the score board. Itz absurd.

Or maybe someone from CIS countries? Many ships in one of the ship trees have Russian names. I've also noticed there is a new hat called Pilotka. Pilotka is a Russian military hat. The word also has another meaning, a naughty one.

Anyway if there is indeed someone from CIS on the team kudos to them and keep up the good work!

Jutland is very heavily team dependent if equipped for short ranged combat. So you definitely need a healer and some other ships following you around to do your thing.

If your team does not have a healer and has campers instead (like ACs and corvettes) then you better go find yourself a nice little place behind a rock and wait for the match to end. You can't do anything.

Developers react to feedback differently. Some take the high tower pose, others do actually interact and react to feedback. I've been on many game forums, seen many developers and their take on feedback.

Sometimes it's the decisions made at the core of the game that do not work. Or maybe the bugs that lie so deep within the game that it is unfeasible to try and fix them. Developers can't do anything about it.

Of course all of them want the game to succeed and do everything they think should benefit their game. But sometimes it just doesn't work. Some even blame players for game failure.