Yes, the wiki isn't using your Grey Box account. We may look into that for the future, but I can't promise you anything in that regard.

I said that I would post a few tips and tricks for wiki editing, so here we go:

General Editing

The software we are using is MediaWiki and they have documentation on a lot of stuff. The most helpful for most of you is a wiki formatting guide and a guide on how to use the Wiki Markup
If you are interested in anything beyond that, then you can find all sorts of useful information here:


We implemented a couple templates that will help with keeping certain pages clean and make displayed information look nice. I'm sure you would love to know about these. So, let me quickly go over these:

Module Configuration

This template displays a combination of 5 modules. It doesn't have to be all 5 types of modules, but usually that is what you would want to do. If you follow the link, it leads you to the page on the wiki that explains a bit more about the template.

Officer Briefing Configuration

Essentially the same that the previous template does and it is used in the same way, except it displays only 4 items (it could technically be used for modules as well). Following the link will provide more information.

Ship Configuration

This template is a combination of the previous 2 template and makes it really easy to display a full build.

Ship Info

This is the ship info box that you can see on the ship pages on the right side. The template itself is more complicated in terms of how it is coded, but it's just as simple to use. If you follow the link, you can find out how to use it.

Cross referencing

The strength of an online encyclopedia of any kind is that cross referencing is extremely easy due to the fact that links can be used. Let's say we are writing an article on the Naga and mention that it is a Hero Ship and it is built by Jupiter Arms. So instead of explaining in the same article what Hero Ships are or what Jupiter Arms is all about, we can simply link to the respective page instead. To do this, we use the wiki markup and modify the text like this: [[Hero Ships]]

The text inside the bracket has to match the title of an existing page exactly. If you were to write [[Hero Ship]], then the link would lead to an empty page. While writing content with links, it is a good idea to get into the habit of checking your links during the preview of your new content, to make sure that none of them are dead links.

It is also good practice to only turn the first occurence of a term on a page into a link, instead of all of them. Additionally, using links to other pages whenever possible creates easy navigation between pages without having to use the search feature a lot.

These are just a few things to get you started.


Belial is correct.

If you look at the pages for the Trafalgar and Agosta, we included images to show how it looks like. The idea for the wiki is, as for most game wikis out there, that the community takes it upon themselves to fill out everything and keeps it up to date. We are here to monitor and help if needed, but it really is up to our players to maintain the wiki.

If I have time tomorrow, I'll write a post here with helpful tips and tricks when it comes to editing the wiki.

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Much better way to do the votes.

But where can I vote for the first iteration? Looks much more interesting than any of these.

Enyo original

The Enyo decal from the first week is actually not a decal, it is the Enyo faction logo.

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Can you go ahead and open a support ticket with us? We should be able to help you out.