Yeah. I couldn't decide what pack, so I got them all :-)

I'm quite new, only level 7. but I'm really liking the game, not that good yet though ;-(

so, I've just been paid and I've bought the Hunter and Mercenary Pack and bought Trident bundle.

happy days :-)

what if you went to Gamescom, got a t-shirt but no code? please could i have one? please

hi, are Dreadnought going to Eurogamer in the uk????


So, when did you get the Ingame-Emblem at gamescom??? i got a dreadnought t-shirt after playing, but no code????


I've bought the Hunter pack which gives me the Morningstar, now its payday and i really like the game i'm going to get the

MERCENARY PACK too. but as I've already got the morningstar i lose one of them. in other games like world of tanks etc if you've already got a premium tank etc you'll get the value of the tank back in gold/credits. could you please look into doing this for dreadnought, ie we'll get back some FP/GP?


My son and I are going to Gamescom Wednesday to Friday. We fly in from England Wednesday morning :-)

Can we both attend the event?

Hello all,

I had the pleasure of playing this game as Gamescom. I must admit I was suprised how good and fun it was. The game is looking great and plays great. Can't wait to get a beta/alpha code.