Who the f*ck is the user "NEWNEWNEW#5344" and how does he dare to post stupic posts to annoy me with eMail notifications?

irishrOy#2575 posted (#post-7003)

Und check deinen Mail-account immer mal wieder! smile

(Könnte ein Invite drin sein^^)

Das mach ich so oder so jeden Tag. ^^

Hast du schon was gekriegt? o.O

Ich hab so viel zu tun. Ich würd gern mehr hier sein. Tut mir leid Jungs. smile

Welcome Captain. Have fun here in our circle of crazy people. smile

irishrOy#2575 posted (#post-6184)

and he still isn't playing Dreadnought/Zmey that much...

This guy hasn't learned anything... smile


I hope that guy will sign up for this forum. He's a really cool guys. smile

irishrOy#2575 posted (#post-6068)

I believe Jan's pic has the same monitors, but the lightning makes one appear brighter than the other?

Yeah, two monitors of the same size. And the left one is a little brighter. Already tried to fix that, so far no success with that. ^^

I bought a second monitor because i needed the space. I often put something on my right monitor and work on the left one. Or vice versa. ^^

Omniphobic#9061 posted (#post-6113)

Looks like a whale to me. .-.

nazhuggybear#4324 posted (#post-6099)

Let's hope this game doesn't become vaporware like star citizen. Really have high hopes for this game.

Vaporware like star citizen? They are developing hard on that game. ^^

Also, i don't think that'll happen to this game. smile

Dedadude#1215 posted (#post-6093)

(...) this mad-crew =D

You talkin 'bout us, cap'n? .-.

irishrOy#2575 posted (#post-6150)

I'd gladly clean the interior of the PlasmaCannons on my own Zmey (o.0)

Best after firing, right? When it's so nice warm in there. smile