Yeah, better keep it open for more streams.

Like this one right here --> Bluedrake Dreadnought Gameplay part 2

irishrOy#2575 posted (#post-6059)

J4nB1#5520 posted

or the new gaming-youtube...... :p

Or Hitbox? smile

Pff, always these hipster websites...

Well...f*cke you, Irish! smile

irishrOy#2575 posted (#post-6057)

He brings all 5 pages down to 1 sentence smile

That's a good skill. smile

irishrOy#2575 posted (#post-6056)

any more cool PCs in our community? smile

Wanna see em all! smile

irishrOy#2575 posted (#post-6054)

J4nB1#5520 posted (#post-6024)

Stop the quote chain Irish. I don't want you to get banned! :O

Also, hello to the new german (?). smile

Digger went even further than I did (o.0)

He started! smile

I always delete unnecessary texts and shorten the quoted text be deleting "useless" space or enter-brackets, too smile

I know. But it would be really sad if you would get banned. ^^

Jajaja. Danke Irish. So cool. ^^

Hahaha. Just make a new account. XD

Sherogorat#7757 posted (#post-6047)

Alle haben dich vermisst °_°

Ja? Deda und Devas auch? .-.

Sherogorat#7757 posted (#post-6042)

I still hate him because of that.

Oh, poor Shero. XD

Wait. First we need the link to the other discussion. Would you...