Stop the quote chain Irish. I don't want you to get banned! :O

Also, hello to the new german (?). smile

Welcome aboard Player. Hope to see you on the battlefield. smile

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Gr8 b8, m8, using that "m8" as a worldplay was rather str8, but still gr8, I r8 8/8 no h8 pls.

Typical Irish. Oh boy. ^^

Welcome aboard te forums (and hype-train) Captn. smile

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Ooh, Irish smile

I'm sure he does. smile

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that movie was somehow funny, cool, but also somewhat cringeworthy... xD

Nope, definitely not. ^^

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well he said streaming so maybe twitch

or the new gaming-youtube...... :p

Or Hitbox? smile

This topic has grown so fast. Well done guys. Seems like i did the right thing. smile

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With money? smile

With money that he doesn't have? Like the times when he went bankrupt and had no money and then suddenly again had money, just because he can..? Yeah..... xD

greek politicians in a nutshell

true story

Don't be mean to these (literally) poor Greeks. XD

Oh, Space Engine. Glorious Space Engine. I found that about a year ago through a Youtube video. It's a really amazing space observatory. Is that the right word for it? Dunno.

Any ways, really cool program, check this out guys. smile