I'm sure a lot of you or all of you heard from the game "Fractured Space". I played it for quite a long time (Beta and all) and i saw a lot of similarities to "Dreadnought". In fact, these two games are nearly clones. Nearly.

I'd like to refer to this discussion in the steam forums about "Fractured Space" being a spinoff of "Dreadnought". Both games were announced in 2014, "Dreadnought" in June and "Fractured Space" in October, so 4 months later (or 3 months if you only count the months in between). The play style and the ship classes are really similar.

So far, i think the sound in "Fractured Space" is a little worse and it still bugs me, that you have so many turrets on your ship (on the large ships like the flagship) but you only fire one round at the time. Don't know of they changed this now, but the last time i played it was that way.

What do you guys think about "Fractured Space"?

And what do you think about the fact, that out of nothing two really similar games were announced so shortly after each other?

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Hello Everyone

My Name is Jan, Gamertag "JanB1" or "J4nB1" (Shout out "Jan" or "J4", better J4 because most people pronounce my name wrong because it's not meant to be shout out by English speaking people i think ^^).

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I play a lot of different kind of games like shooter games, strategy games, tactics games, racing games, "space" games, puzzling games and some genres i might have forgotten. I'm good at playing. Not pro, not bad, usable amount of skill. ^^

I'm really looking forward to Dreadnought.

Sorry guys, it's late here (3am) and I'm really bad at introducing myself like this. Find out more about me in a nice Chat, in Text or Voice.

Looking forward to play with you guys. Really hope i'll get beta access.

Cya around

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