WIr brauchen wirklich bald n Board für all die Deutschen. XD

1:30h long Dreadnought gameplay stream from "Bluedrake42" --> Cklickety-click

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That's disturbing smile

I know..? That's the point of broken GIFs smile

It's not broken. That's animated on purpose. And it's really disturbing.

Oh, disturbing -> Disturbed -> Hiatus is over, new album out today. smile

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J4nB1#5520 posted (#post-5426)'s about a game mode like battlefields "Gunmaster"? Where you get a better ship after a specific amount of kills? smile

Sorry man, but gunmaster really don't fit with in a game like Dreadnought

Yeah, i see. Thought so. It was an idea. ^^

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Hier werden Irish und ich einziehen smile

Tut das. Tuts das ruhig. Und überlasst mir den Rest des Forums, ja? Hab ich meine Ruhe. XD

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watched it today,i laughed so hard

OMFG! Laughed so f*cking hard! XD

Daftpunk! Love em!

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Well then, seems like Pax isn't that big at all. ^^

So we might not get that many new people flooding into the forums, asking for confirmation emails for beta-signups, asking for ocnfirmation-emails for the newsletter and we have to tackle these threads before they breed and lay eggs and duplicate exponentially

Hahaha. Yeah. Luckily. ^^

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no prblem mi friedn

It still amazes me that they put the full movie to Youtube.

That was deal even before it was released. They already told that when it was on Kickstarter. I backed it with 10€ and got a free copy, too (a downloadable file, tho), but it was worth it! Every penny ^^

Ah, didn't know that. Very nice. smile

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And the blanket is do dirty it just stands there in the same position, but without Linus smile

Hahaha. Nice. XD