Agreed that at the higher tiers you need more credits than xp. In the older tech tree system you only needed to research the next module therefor you needed more xp. When they reconfigured the tech tree progression that changed the currency dynamic to needing credits even more so than before. We all like then new tech tree progression system in regaurds in the fact that you can get whatever module you want in whatever order you want. But i think ( and hope ) as an unforseen side effect is that credits are in a much higher demand now. They should do an audit and reconfigure the currency system to match the updated progression system ( as if the currency was an after thought when redoing the tech tree )

I have started a similar thread on the steam discussion page. I too have concerns with this topic.

agreed and fair enough and glad to see we got though this witout any nastyness D7

both platforms 11 months on ps4 then 7 months on pc

i see your point of view like others have and it comes down to this.--- they put it in the game so why should we not use it ? and it's all fair. but the cooldown vs active time is a** backwards at tier 5. look at my post from earlyer or look in game for youself it is the only module that does that and that's really all i was trying to convey yet again. and i don't care about useing the energy wheel or any of that other stuff. it's that module itself that is jacked

but you are still not aknowlledging the fact the scramble module on corvettes are broken and part of a huge problem, while all other scramble effects are acceptable. and i'm pretty sure deep down somewhere you know it to be true. batle honor goes a long way in this game as well. it's not just about " blowing someones mind "

Shocknfunk#5058 posted (#post-234912) said:

pretty sure it wasent the scramble mines hotrod. a year ago most vettes still ran ABW/BP Builds. most likely being scrambled by destroyers

ok maybe not a whole year ago probably closer to 6 months. but most definitly corvettes , like i don't kknow the difference between a cloaked vette parked in my firing blind spot and a destroyer with a scamble pulse, or an ariti with a scramble missle, or a dread with bombers. no offense but with 1000 hrs yes one thousand i know the difference ! and i'm not into starting any bs. with any player but really ? june 1 2018 also a couple on reddit if you want me to keep digging

good to know thank you

mathiasatva#6280 posted (#post-234901) said:

I am an avid corvette player as it's my second favorite class.

I am super excited with the new changes to corvettes coming and I think they are a great way to boost corvette performance while at the same time limiting the "noob farm" potential.
I also think the modules changes proposed are on point!

However, can you please include a change to scramble mines?

I understand scramble pulse, although more balanced game play wise, would be ideal, but there are already plenty of proximity mudules for the corvette. therefore scramble mines!

but the scramble mine cooldown makes it so a corvette (or two) can continuously keep a target blind indefinately... for the entire match!

This is kinda OP!

I have a replay where 2 corvettes kept me scrambled for over 3 minutes...
later the same match one corvette kept me blind for a minute and a half!

this is lame and no one likes this!

can the devs also include scramble mines in the corvette module fixes?
At least make it so the victim can see the corvette for a few seconds before they are scrambled again?


I have been screeming this very same thing for almost a year now. In fact it drove me to take a break from the game a while back. At teir 5 it is insanely broken meaning the cooldown is 8 seconds and the active scramble effect is 10 seconds. Now I ask what other module in game has their stats where the the module is re-deployabe before the effect of the original one has worn off ? and the answer is absolutly none. The only way other modules can due this is with help from team mates with overclock pulse but as a stand alone module it is the only one set up in this manner. With the upcoming changes to the corvette I do belive that the new broken build will be cloak - assault blink warp instead of cloak - scamble mines. And don't get me started about cloak because if you have to resort to use that on a corvette then you are doing something wrong in my opinion especialy on the JA line. The corvette IS my favorite ship class in this game and even I take issue with certian " features " within these builds.

there is no stand alone launcher anymore. you must download and install through steam only.