for me, personally, the module is to op, the rammer himself taking no damage, flying into a dreadnought, with module reactivation 2 times even and killing 2 ships, bit OP, needs fixing! if you ram something u should take damage from it, point.

ChaosWraith#8422 posted (#post-29328)

And I forgot a few too I think ... Those were mostly off the top of my head

So pardon me if I did.

yeah, Sound is a big problem, definitely needs moar Love, i like atmospheric Sounds that give's you the feel of the actual situation smile

theyre fine atm, i like em, piloting one and hate em if they kill me, so - all is good smile

so many good releases in "early" 2016, hope the beta will be before march smile

hopefully the NDA will be lifted for the Closed Beta, then the streamers will do the rest, hope so smile

im going to stream it in the first week's like crazy 14/7 smile

killenbigbugs#6802 posted (#post-9403)

I think people are forgetting this game exists

Wobbley#8100 posted (#post-8208)

loketuff#7613 posted (#post-8207)

i have aplly to beta and reg ;( but i never get a code i rely want to play the game

Beta does not start until the beginning of 2016 smile

Lets wait and see, maybe we'll get a christmas present we didnt expect,

hope dies last smile

Same here, i grown up with these things and cant handle a ps3/4 Controller smile

i'm a controller noob, its official and im proud of it smile

Odinous#5262 posted (#post-6861)

I just cant imagine the pain people are going through playing games with game pads and controllers..I love my mouse+keyboard,wouldn't change..

irishrOy#2575 posted (#post-6843)

Well there's a Fulgora on the front-page, so the Wiki got that going for it, which is nice.

But of course I like Devastrator's more since it has a Zmey to start with smile

i like the Zmey too smile

irishrOy#2575 posted (#post-5644)

DEVASTRATOR#4326 posted (#post-5639)

Sherogorat#7757 posted (#post-5638)

For that i hope that my pc is good enough smile

well they said they are working on graphics so everyone can enter the game

Yeah, they even said this multiple times smile

But to be sure (and overall), I upgraded my PC with an SSD, a newer, faster HDD, better coolers and an R9 390 smile That should do the job quite well :p

still time to the final release tho, so yeah, new GFX coming out next year and actual hardware gettin cheaper smile