If you bought the founders pack - your 30 days of elite status start upon reset.

If you already bought an elite status now, in beta -- you had to buy GP first. That GP will be refunded to you, and you can buy more elite status to tack onto the end of the 30 days you already got, or you can buy something else.

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Anything that you have purchased such as Elite status, Founder Packs and GP. Will be returned to your game account once we wipe the system. Which means any GP that you have purchased and used, will be accessible to use again.

So what does that mean with the Elite status that all founders get upon open beta? If we bought Elite in game, after being told we would have it from buying founder in Open Beta, do they stack together? Or does the instance with the highest duration apply and cancel the others out? For instance, I bought the Hunter Pack, which gives you 7 days of Elite Status when Open Beta hits. Now if I were to buy 30 days of Elite status now to help with the grind, would that 30 days be added to teh 7 days already promised at Open Beta, or would the 30 days trump the 7 and cancel the 7 out?

This update has been out since November .. 5th? (or god, was it october?) I think. I stopped playing after a week of CENSORED.

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The problem as I see it, The Developers have no clue what they have implemented as far as the grind goes. They play with maxed out ships with unlimited credits and have no idea what its like running a tier 2 or 3 ship against tier 4. They are completely clueless. The grind itself is not that bad but to have to do it with such un-balanced matches is ridiculous.

Just to be absolutely transparent and clear, this is untrue. Our QA testers may have various levels of progressed and non-progressed accounts and some of them may test at max level for completeness. However, all of the Grey Box employee player accounts are explicitly forbidden from being granted special items or additional currency or experience points. I can attest to this personally because, since the new Progression 2.0 release, I am very far behind everyone and play in Tier 1 still.

Well at least everything else is obviously true due to your lack of even acknowledging anything else I said.

I hope you guys turn this game into something good but the way it is now, it don't stand a chance of being anything more then a fad people will play a few days and toss it aside.

I don't know, again, from what obliv has been saying it sounds like WoT and while that game is extremely grindy it has a good player base. Also keep in mind that this update apparently only came out a few days ago; Lets see where it goes before we cast final judgments on it. Still this does not bode well for the game

Hiyas Devs - Recently got an email stating some sort of event starting Monday, Dec 12th.. and offering/granting me free credits and elite status.

I am concerned.

There are 3 (or more?) possibilities.

  1. You've started open beta WITH a progression reset. This would be the best possibility.

  2. You've started open beta WITHOUT a progression reset.. thereby CENSORED over anyone who thought this was still a testing period and used their 3000 ingamecash on random stuff for testing purposes.

  3. You've just decided to have some sort of event with a credit grant and elite status grant.. but STILL intend to reset later.. thereby making this grant meaningless//a lie by omission.

4+. ????

Please let us know what this is about

-A Concerned Player/Founders pack purchaser.

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it's an indication of ship effective hp (Currently just shown as HP... as there are no armor mitigation %'s ingame as of yet.)

No it's not. Jupiter Arms heavy artillery has less HP (or EHP, whatever) than Akula Industries medium one.

Jeslis#8939 posted (#post-58431)

top speeds/accelerations

Oberon medium corvettes are slower than Akula Industries heavy ones.

Maybe a ship's mass? Anyone tried to flip over a trident, zmey and invictus to test it?

Just stick to that spreadsheet posted above and you'll be fine.


No it's not what?

Perhaps if you read on to my example on the next line, you might gain enlightenment.

eg; a LIGHT dreadnought has 45k hp, a MEDIUM DN has 60k hp, and a HEAVY DN has 80k hp.

I never said that LIGHT was always lowest hp. You said that. And then went on to claim I was wrong about absolutely nothing.

You then snipped the following and missquoted me out of context, AGAIN.

They also each have different body types, top speeds/accelerations, and primary weapons, with associated range differences.

The above means EACH have different: blah blah blah.

I never said which was slower, faster, or even if it was consistent.

Please read more carefully in the future.

it's an indication of ship effective hp (Currently just shown as HP... as there are no armor mitigation %'s ingame as of yet.)

eg; a LIGHT dreadnought has 45k hp, a MEDIUM DN has 60k hp, and a HEAVY DN has 80k hp.

They also each have different body types, top speeds/accelerations, and primary weapons, with associated range differences.

Beyond that, all secondaries and modules/passive perks access are the same.

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Yep. Devs are kinda "encouraging" you: buy Elite status and grind will be 25% shorter. Or buy hero ship and play shaded version of the ship you want from the start.




This does not make it pay to win game, how could you even think that?

We're actually not encouraging that, at least we're not meaning to. Our teams have never been a fan of P2W and it's something we made clear awhile ago. We've already adjusted some of the ship tier costs, and there's always a possibility that could happen again. Our teams are going to continue to evaluate costs and progression lengths overall. With the new Progression system being in place, we want to make sure that the flow is solid throughout the progression process. This could mean a number of tweaks and adjustments could take place down the road. As always we do appreciate the input and feedback, it's going to help us create a bigger and better Dreadnought in the long run. smile


This (Our teams have never been a fan of P2W) is an entirely false statement.

edit; I'm going to adjust something here. I fully believe your team may not be 'fans' of P2W.. but your statement implies they won't do it because they aren't fans of it. THAT is not true. While you may not be fans of it....

Your team attempted to go the route of PURE pay to win by making officer briefings (the passive perks) a paid currency only. (with some extremely bs sounding excuse that you could earn the paid currency in dribs and drabs over MONTHS).

You have to make money. We get that, but creating very misleadings statements only makes those of us who have been around here long enough.. worried about what you true intentions will end up being.

Kamp, if you see post #3, this explains why you aren't getting matches in the veteran fleet que. No one wants to play them. Why que in there to get seal clubbed against T4 ships with full officer briefs?

I know if I was actually playing, I'd be in recruit fleet ONLY for ages until I had amassed hundreds of thousands of credits, if not millions.. and then I'd spend just enough money to completely skip tier 3 (using free xp conversion) to avoid that cesspool of matchmaking --eg to where I'd have a fully upgraded T4 ship or 2 and officer briefs to be competitive in that bracket.

@Kamp, every time you edit your post, you send an email to every thread subscriber.

Thanks for the 24 emails.

Hey Voices.

Pre hotfix, Tier 4 ships (using the Veteran fleet que) were facing T1-2 ships in matches.

To fix this, they temporarily (IMO should be PERM), restricted the fleets to their own matchmaking brackets. eg; Recruit faces Recruit ONLY.

Since there is very little reason to que Veteran (the avg credit gain only increases from 1500 to 1800, and if you lose, you have to pay 600credits [yes the popup says 299 or some other wrong info, its 600].) .. Most people who don't need ship xp (read, 90% of people), and just need credits (90% of people), are going to spam que recruit fleets.

No one wants to fight T4 ships with secondary weapons and full officers with their T1-T4 ships of their own with NO secondaries mostly, AND almost no officers due to the piece of CENSORED progression system.

Most of us people who are disgusted with the current system have already stopped playing and are awaiting another patch to fix this, or not fix this and cause us to never come back. This contributes to the lack of Veteran fleet ques as 'we' were some of the more active players.

Hiyas, not sure who is the reddit moderator (I recall there being some drama/issue where it could NOT be an employee of the company..).. but if you have any way to contact them?.. getting spammed on reddit and the report function is kinda borked (blank options for 'why are you reporting')