Im looking forwad to streaming this as well. good to know.

uuuuggggh....the downside of being excited early is the long wait that seems forever.

is it wrong for me to hope its some epic ochestral space drama-ey stuff?

My fear actually is that there will be only that ONE map that has the most pics. I hope that like ranked games, the maps are kinda of randomized. If one map becomes the popular map, then i feel that people will get bored quick since they don't have a chance to try other maps.

jownsy#3157 posted (#post-1779)

You may be happy to see my death on your screen, but little do you know that it was all a well executed feint and you did not realize the corvette tearing you up from behind....

I will gladly take a fall for the victory of my team!

That would be a true victory

Selerox#6711 posted (#post-1674)

Developer hunting sounds pretty fun. Berlin's not that far away... oh... you mean in game?

I'll shut up...

This made me giggle.

Darkloser#6427 posted (#post-1676)

I can't really stream for multiple reasons (internet not good enough, not enough time, not alone, etc...), and I don't have a youtube channel. However I might take a look at your stream and videos guys. Maybe even try to pop up just to troll a little. :p

I'd be happy to have you troll on my streams lol.

I hope to get my twitch completly set up. I work as an art director 9-6 (until the job is done actually since im salaray). Then go home and either continue building my site, or working on my twittter and twitch. I have to many things going on but I shall be fitting in streaming for this game.

I know I'm thinking about it. I wanted to get in the world of streaming and other stuff in the industry. If there are others planning on on it, what would be your main focus to talk about during your matches? I feel like early on, the game play vids created will help pull in other gamers who may never have heard of the game or could be on the fence.

I know its way early to be making requests like this. I was just thinking it would be pretty chill to be able friend one or 2 of the developers early on so you could join a match with them every now or then. It would be nice lil nod towards those who stuck around during the beginnings of this forum and first steps of the game. Its almost like having your fav rock star let you come on stage and play back up guitar with them at a show.

Welll hopefully soon some info will be release so it will spur more forum topics besides the usually "what ifs" or " maybe includes". I'm sure the devs know this though and have been keeping an eye on on things.