everyone must be in the alpha forums because the spam bots are starting to fill up this one smile

Great streams

Any chance this can be extended to Forum users, that couldn't make PAX or GAMESCOM?

Good news! I'm setup and ready for beta. Can't wait to destroy some ships.

I think i've signed up 3 times now ^_^ can't wait.

We all know we want and would love to get into the BETA whenever it starts however i'd like to hear more about ALPHA and the current development.

What's the team's current Milestone goal?

Is there focus on balancing going on at the moment or is it about making the missiles look cooler?

I'd love to get an idea what's happening behind the scenes right now :)

Looking at other MOBA character i play i think i'll be a Artillery class for sure. Sitting back and sniping from afar is definitely my play style

Oh how the word Leveloution makes me cringe! However I agree destructible scenery for ground based maps would make a lot of sense for all those wayward flying missiles!