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Well, just found this game. And it looks like it was a lot of fun back when it was released. But I guess now the dev's have abandoned the game.

I was looking here for some help about the different ships.

Looking at info concerning Tac Cruisers, Destroyers, and Dreagnoughts.

If you have a favorite, let me know and tell me why.

Thanks for your imput.

game isn't dead, but the failure of the steam launch nearly killed it. they only have a few devs working so limited manpower and budget.


pretty much. make sure theyre in range, point the reticle on the target and fire.

They changed the UI when they did a major update and Steam launch. Tech trees can be accessed through either going to the Ships section, or going into Play and selecting manage fleet.

Yes, it is good to see a road map for once and shows the game isnt dead. Plus the return of events is really nice. And counting the bots for contracts is going to be a major boost for those.

I wasnt playing with the old model progression so I cant really say if that would be better. I do think they need to lower the T5 costs some though.

The game definitely needs more PvE so its nice they are working to implement that. It is also good to know they are listening to players and keel working on balancing.

I'd still like to see engine colors added to the market. Players have asked for that and it would be another source of income.

Agreed. If there is such a small gap people wont want to work for it, especially for how much T5 stuff costs. They may be better off just making another level for T5 only, although I doubt it would happen.

From personal experience, once you get within range of the Tesla turret it it definitely a better option. I want to say within a certain range it intensifies, but its been a while since i used it.

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So I think player retention falls to a few things:

1) Progression: The progression in this game is way to quick to tier 4, where the true meat of the game lies. This needs to be lengthened and stretched out so as not to suddenly hit the progression wall that is tier 4/5. This can be done in an artificial way (to me) in that you just increase resource requirements as tiers increase (more than they are now). You could also do what most tier-based PvP games do and have 10 teirs instead of 5; this I think is the best route, but the development resources certainly are not there.

I understand your point but given the gripes about progression at T4 and T5 Im not sure lenghtening T3 or any of them will do more than drive away new players. Some feel at T4 they hit a wall with how long it takes and wont even try T5 (given the game is FtP it makes it easier to just abandon it since no money has been invested).

MM has been an issue since day 1 it seems. squads have such an advantage from communication and in my playing time Ive noticed a lot of solos will just ignore any alerts you may give and do their own thing. nothing you can do about that though.

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Hmmm as i see it SkyRaider is more active in Forum, than in the game xD
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Reclaimer just hates corvettes and trying to mask it with some stupid reasons. Most players are kinda fine and try to adapt, but there are always some triggered whiners, who can't or won't be able to adapt to certain playstyles. Some of them lack ofc common sense.

Well I’m on here for two reasons. First to discuss issues with the game with others. Second is for the comic relief you provide.

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wouldnt the fact playerbase not going up show an issue?

well, i stand corrected on the definition, i thought it was a major reduction that basically made it useless.

i dont really squad. the few people i did play with stopped playing the game.