Your calculations of the per match benefits are correct, but you once again left out the cosmetics that come with the purchase, so your overall GP comparison is wildly incorrect. No matter how much elite time you buy its never going to get you a single piece of cosmetic gear.

I'm not saying that hero ships are more efficient for grinding than elite time, just that the comparison is not that simple.

Also, the fact that a cosmetic bundle holds its value after you have completed the grind should be taken into account (per match bonus xp/credits dont matter once you've researched and bought everything).

Ah, but again that is not the only thing a hero ship gives you. Also, you can have both. Why wouldn't you stack them?

Also also, as a one time purchase its a smaller investment, which appeals to some people.

The hero ships also give you extra xp and credits as long as you have them in your fleet. That is a huge savings on time over the long haul.

$40 that makes you look good and skims grind time off the top is actually a pretty good deal for people just getting into the game. Unfortunately im pretty squarely into T5 progression and its not as valuable for me.

Hero ships are never "unlocked", you can't change the loadout at all, ever. What you can do is dress up your normal ships to look like the hero ship, and modify those instead.

A string of missions? how is that different than the grind in Dreadnought "rewarding" you with a ship?

Of course there's a reason, and as usual that reason is money.

I think that there should be some hardwired OBs on the recruit ships that reward good use of the energy options however

That's partially because the playerbase has caught up with the grind a bit, and partially in response to the Tier shift that will be happening soon, T4 is moving into Legendary only.

But once the bounty is claimed they'd have to re-post it, is anyone so mad that they will continually pay for a single death? And actually wouldn't that be great for monetization? anger fueled donations?

I do agree that it would need some sort of anti abuse rules, i just didnt want to restrict the whole idea from the start

Is there an ETA on when the wiki spam-prevention takedown will be finished? I'd like to update the officer briefing pages some more

Hi, who would participate in a system that let you put a ~5GP bounty on an enemy ship in-game?

Basic outline:

  • Ships that kill the marked enemy will claim all of the GP placed for bounty, this could be modified by having to kill them a certain number of times, or with certain modules etc.

  • A single ship can have multiple bounties placed on it, but no captain can place more than one bounty on a single enemy.

  • If the bounty is never claimed, the captain the bounty was placed on gets to keep the prize money