Hey I just started this game a couple of days ago I mainly pilot the Gravis Dreadnought and the Furia Artillery Cruiser. I've been trying to get the Lorica Dreadnought and the Medusa Corvette but god, getting the ship XP is taking forever would love to join a group to help me refine what little skill I have better. I already know the basics and have a firm grasp on the roles I should be filling as a Dreadnought Captain and a Corvette Captain I just need a group to join because randos aren't getting me anywhere, I would prefer if the group had voice chat I mainly use Discord but am willing to use just about anything. I pick up on things pretty quick so don't worry about needing to babysit me during dogfights too much. P.S. If anyone can explain why my shields aren't working after activation (I mean like not even reducing incoming damage with full energy) I would greatly appreciate that.

I Thank You For Your Consideration.

Well it can't do much worse the No Man's Sky did when it first launched so I say go for it just label it as Beta or Early Access or something it's a great game just a little buggy and grindy, maybe missing a few features but what beta/ early access games have the their features done?