I might still only be using T2 ships, but I will also add weight to the fact that tac cruisers are not OP. They can make a team seem OP, if your team isnt organized enough to take them crack them open.

I had to look it up:
"Stream sniping is a contentious form of, essentially, cheating in multiplayer games with big livestream audiences.Stream snipers are those who watch a Twitch stream of a game while playing it themselves to get a read on where another player is so that they can go take them down."
Reminds me of looking at the other persons screen in a split-screen pvp game. Lol.
Its a lot of effort to go to to win. Kinda tragic really.

Yeah. Well being badly matched is a always a pain.

I dunno, Im still kinda new. But steaking round the back of fleets and taking out the softer specialty ships like snipers and healers.......
Isnt that what corvettes are for?

Or am I missing something.

G'day folks.
I recently started playing last week, but Ive watched this game with interest since I saw some of the earliest trailers.
Im currently playing on PS4. With only a few tier 2 ships to my name. My username is the same online as it is here
So, be it friend or foe, I look forward to seeing some of you PS4 captains in the skies!