I still don't understand your idea of this XP sponge that you think every lvl 50 is an elite master pilot that can carry the team. Just go and play the game and take what you experience and mold your play style around them and you'll be right up there with the supposing XP hoarders lol

Then put the ship in tier 1 and move all the pulses over to tact ships to give them more of a utility support ship and not strictly healing. It will also encourage others who don't play the healing class maybe learn to survive on their own and become more aware. There's too many times people rely on that healing beam to soak up all the damage so they jump in head first without knowing anything about their energy bar and not realizing the canyons, asteroids, outpost is big enough to hide a ship. This can also give the cattaro a chance to truly shine and not be a waste of data in the game.

Honestly its the only Tact that has no healing and has so much more potential to being the only one worth the title "tactical". They should be getting more utility moves that buff the team similar to the cloak pulse but also let them have weaponboaster, thruster pulse, maybe an energy pulse to buff their team and be the backbone to teach everyone else in the game survivability and mitigation of damage before we are rewarded with the Aion at 15. barely anyone cares for the ship since it doesnt heal and it rarely shines nowadays since its more considered a waste of a ship slot unless you go against a team of poor skilled vettes. Been wanting to make this thread for quite a bit now and im curious of other peoples thoughts on if the Cattaro and even the class in general needs to be more then just your Gatorade cooler and having a ship that doesnt fit in the class at all from its current state.

I'd like to see an Escort convy mode where one team has to escort some cargo ships from point A to point B and the other team may set up Ambush spawns to try and take out the cargo. Even a Conquest mode would be interesting to have some defensive priorities and change up the routine of us all just killing each other. I'm sure theres lots of problems with these in the games current state but right now cant think of those just yet but feel free to jump in and nitpick it id like to see some reponses on it.

from what im getting is, you cant stand the max ranks and want them to que up for a super boring mode and only want to play people on your skill level which sounds like its pretty weak XD. grouped up with some lower 15s yesterday and we all did just fine. If you want to really argue something its more about the utilities that are unlocked to us now and what you dont have yet but then again i played on a new account with only trader loadouts in the Arty and went against 40s and still hit MVP and won... You may just need to give yourself a tiny bit more time to figure out your groove in the game before you start waving your finger around shaming people who enjoy the game and of course cant end it without saying it is still in a CLOSED beta.

The reduced XP penalty is utterly terrible. leaves a horrible impression of the game and its not easy to keep track of the people who simply have connection issues. being locked out of queing up for atleast a minute-2 mins is alot more reasonable then to make progression terrible. it also needs a bigger playerbase then what it has now to even consider any penalty seeing that it takes 5 minutes alone to find a game now which is very concerning. ranked matches are the only place to have harsh penalties.

I don't mind the in game music, but I would like to be able to turn it down and play my own music while still hearing in game sound.

And yeah, I'd like an option to lower/turn off the volume for the voices.

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Doesn't matter how you build, what you do, or who you bribe (nwood!!!!!!) the defender is still not good enough to be taken over a battle Aion.

I don't know; I've been playing one often as the sole "support/healer" for my team and have had a lot of success, given that my team mates pay attention to where i drop my healing nodes, stay in cloak pulse and kill the 'vettes as i spot them and laser them down.

I've also had great success switching to them to counter artillery cruisers. I can usually sneak up on them and win a duel before their team can get to them.

They're not as strong for pure healing, but they're not outright inferior as a support.

the cloak is more for not being targetable for abilities and a tad tougher to see them from afar. he just needs to L2play

im pretty sure their intentions was to bring the massive ship battle into an arena style pace so it brings in more then just the hardcore star trek crew XD