you need credits(the green icon currency) to buy the modules and xp to research. the gold currency you can buy with real $$ can be used to convert to ship credits, any of your extra ship xp on a fully researched ship into free xp to use on any ship, or buy cosmetics.

sounds lazy on their end to not have an official to give us info and just listen to a possible bot. pretty sad they don't bother paying anymore admins i guess

pretty much.

^this. ill respect the optimism but don't kid yourself anymore. you barely have a dozen or so ppl coming back to these forums with very little life left in the posts. reading about how there is maybe 3 actual people in a match now is sad and ive even witness it on a random stream with two people just striking a conversation to themselves while farming bots. from what i know atleast with their actual main port the PC its just a husk. it may have as many people playing as Perfect Dark Zero multiplayer.

your big surprise is some double point weekend? im sure everyone will now be flocking straight back asap...pretty sure the only reason the game is still kickin is the Ps4 PB

^id second that. it was a fun concept and hopeful something like this returns someday. until then im stuck playing Dead By Daylight for some group plays and may give Splitgate a shot once its out.

you could just go find a new game. sure theres going to be one out there eventually that will take this formula and possibly make it more successful. At this current time don't hold your breath for this one anymore. Its unfortunate but hey it happens.

pretty sure thats the case. been coming back every now and then to the forums to see when they pull the plug

it couldve, all we have now is the constant fight over matchmaking in the tiers with no good solution in sight.

this just brings back the old argument i had when the tiers were first introduced that it all felt like a stupid design decision. Really makes me miss the time they had the basic 1-50 level system and just 15 ships(3 for each class). couldve had prestige option with cosmetics earned from that and made all these hull cosmetics something to buy/earn by events.