this is also true. the premades i knew couldnt bother with was ones that had usually 3-4 tac healers dedicated to a dread or two arties and trying to burn down one healer just to get heals from the others while being spotted just sucked. stacking on that was i did play solo so most pugs never cared for utility mods and thought straight firepower would always win. i wasent a fan of entire groups of vindictas and thought they where way more rage inducing to go against then most vette squads.

Atleast when the game was doing pretty well with the population i didnt run into them too often unless i qued up
immediately after. if i joined more groups may have also had a better time with them as well but o well i was lazy lol.

your observation checks out quite well.

is it a hero ship? what tier?

i dont think it did well enough to warrent a sequel.

the fact that money was spent for xp boosters ya its hard to argue any kind of wipe even if most those players hve moved on. Tier progression may have been the seed that started the downfall

thats also the biggest problem the game can barely hold any newcomers when they get pinned with some of us that have 100s if not 1000s of hours worth of experience and knowledge of the game mechanics combined with the tier progression ends up killing most players drive to push forward. they may need to redesign the entire progression system again and try to relaunch it that way.

good luck with any of that as this has been discussed to death that all of this is simply not possible with the team they currently have for this game. its so far down the hole to recover it may never get another chance.

you may have been too late. most the game gets is bug fixes. there is some life that pops from FB advertising them occasionally playing but idk how its going to ever bring in enough of a following.

don't think thats possible at this point unless they want to outsource it to someone else.

the visuals are not the reason nor will be the solution in bringing in and keeping new players. youre bascially 2 years too late as the game had already played its best chance at steam launch and failed. who knows what can be done at this point.

the game has been on lifesupport since the failure of steam launch. from what i hear the best communication youll get for the game is their discord. the forums have been mostly a ghosttown.