almost every class of ship had their perfect yet horrificly broken loadout. the vette was taking most of that attention due to the speed and agility of the ship to have better control of the map then all the others that stuck out like sore thumbs. Also added that most people did not grasp the energy wheel mechanic that then made them perfect prey. Couldnt tell ya the amount of times ive told the people ive just cut down to sheild up if they dont want me to burn through their Hp and their response is always on the lines of being cheap or not having any skill(even though you can run into them the next match with them flying vette and they stay at the bottom of the board lol)

highly doubt that but ok. more about the fact that theres a big grind and had a huge skill gap between us who was already playing for about 2+ years with most of the T4s unlocked versus the newbies from steam with very little content to work for

you werent missing too much. wasent that fun in the end

not much will be done about any of this anyways.

the warp blast and bp was pretty terrible to go against with a full T5 fight. i dont mind some healing as long as you had a competent team that knew how to use utility over raw damage.

before i stopped playing i practiced and got pretty good with an ambush loadout on my vette which was heavy cloak/scrambler mines/BP/thrusters and would hover into the enemy group to blind the healers or arties while i burst them with a ton of damage before they reacted with sheilds. apparently that was considered broken af since no1 likes being blinded even though it was perfect to stop most healers.

did you get any luck? havent been on since December since the steam launch was horrendous. judging by some of the posts on forums theres barely any life. wouldnt have minded joining ya since ive had some T4s and 5s to fly with.

If there is any real news, you can be sure to trust Belial for any real confirmation.

see if you're saying BS then that is saying something. if anyone knows anything it would be you

nah doubt anything will show at E3 for this game. its not anything to be remotely close to anyones radar at this point. Can't honestly believe the big news from a random nobody who only has maybe 18 posts under their belt either.