The idea of a command/carrier ship for Dreadnought is as old as the closed beta of the game. And, with the current dev team of 2 people it's never going to be a thing.

Frankly, I'm still waiting after custom mode. Something that shouldn't be too hard to implement, was announced in august 2020 that is was coming in december and I'm still waiting. So, don't get your hopes up for an entire new line of ships.

It was an april fool for this year (2021), should have returned all to normal by now.

Nukes land where you are pointing, not the target.

So lets say for the sake of the argument, that maps had X,Z coordinates And you point at a ship that is at X 125, Z 303 and launch your nuke

And before the nuke land, the target moves aways from that X, Z position, the nuke will still land there. However, since nukes have a blast of 10 000 meters, its rare, that a non-corvette ship can escape that blast area. And important aspect of nukes, is that you can detonate a nuke upon reentry, by repressing "1". This help greatly with making sure that the blast touch the target on space map.

Also, the maximal range of nuke is false, your pointer won't show it, but a nuke can hit a target farther than its maximum range. It's just hard to do.

Missiles on the other hand auto-target were you're pointing at and have a maximum range. So if the target move beyond the maximum range, the missiles will follow it, until they either reach the target, hit a wall or reach their maximum range at which point they will explode.

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le Clan UNYU:
Pas mal le seul clan encore actif de Dreadnought. La plus part d'entre eux parle anglais, mais peut être que tu peux trouver des joueurs francophone si tu ne parle/écrit pas en anglais.

For tech tree, there's so many path that can be taken its crazy and you get used to it.

Start by clicking on...

Play>Manage Fleet>Click a ship>Tech Tree

Play>Manage Fleet>Click a ship>Edit Loadout>Choose Loadout A or B>Select a module>Tech Tree

Play>Select Tier>Select Mode>Click a ship>Tech Tree

Play>Select Tier>Select Mode>Click a ship>Click loadout>Choose Loadout A or B>Select a module>Tech Tree

Ship>Select Manufacturer>Click a ship>View Tech Tree

Ship>Select Manufacturer>Click a ship>Click loadout>Choose Loadout A or B>Select a module>Tech Tree

Ship>Owned Ship>Click a ship>View Tech tree

Ship>Owned Ship>Click a ship>Click loadout>Choose Loadout A or B>Select a module>Tech Tree


Also, remember this, you can equip the modules from the tech tree. However, when you equip a module from the loadout screen, you can put any modules unlocked in the previous tier of that ship.


The worst thing however, is that after each match in veteran of legendary if you want to buyback the Battle Bonus, you must click...

Play>Select Tier>Select Mode>and then pay the Battle Bonus fee but at least you also have the Play icon to start matchmaking

And you also get used to this.

Bumping my guide for the many noobs that haven't seen it. There's so many information that new player should know when they start progressing in this game that isn't clearly explained.

Here's the worst seal clubbing I have ever seen in Dreadnought.
Onslaught 302 vs 5

In Onslaught, a kill earns 10 points to your team.

Good news, the dev (singular) is listening. I had a recent talk with him on discord and he has great plans for the game, but being the only dev plus another for the graphic aspect progress are slow.

Concerning the poor AI. I've suggested to him to simply change all bots so that they only spawn in their highest tier ships. It won't solve their stupidity, but at least they would pack a punch and soak up more damage.

Sgt Engee#9167 posted (#post-279959) said:
We really shouldn't have to be relying on community datamining to get the actual values of the various weapons in game. the developer really needs to step up and input the correct values if the dataminer is correct.

I totally agree on that, that the devs should step up, but it will probably never happen. Not that there isn't interest on the developer sides to make the game better, but that there isn't the manpower to do it.

Tesla turrets damage doesn't change with range. But with a tiny range of 900m its already hard to get in range. However, whenyou are in range, if you add power to weapon and beam amplifier (tier 2 since the 3+ drain energy), you can see the opponent health disappear in 1-2 seconds.