One thing that seems to me to be an obvious addition to the game is the ability to use the Q and E keys to strafe left and right. These are spaceships with reaction thrusters which should be able to move the vessel in an direction. As it is now we have a lot of battles where 2 teams are playing Whack A Mole. Ships pop up from behind cover, empty their magazine then drop back down behind cover. Adding strafing would mix this up a little and give players more control over their ships allowing them to better sneak up for the kill or bravely run away behind a rock.

So any chance we can move the existing binds from Q and E and make those strafe left and right???????????

Pretty, pretty, please? With sugar on top?

One thing I've noticed is lacking in the game is a good Crowd Control or Tackler ship. I'd love to see some sort of submarine type ship with big unguided manually fired torpedoes which rather than destroying the enemy grab them in an energy field.

Put 2 torpedo tubes on the bow and 1 on the stern with a long cooldown. Give the tackler ships the cloak from the Corvette, make them about the speed of an arti ship with equal maneuverability, good stealth stats, lousy armor and a slow firing speed. Basically these players would need to sneak in slowly and tackle the opposing team with kinetic damage from the collisions.

Give the tackle effect a timer, say 5 seconds with Second one at full strength decreasing by 20% until it's gone. This would mean that for 1 second the ships could not escape and would be pulled into a bundle but after 1 second they would start regaining the ability to move.

Agreed! Big maps are always better. I also love some kind of NPC action in some maps. It could be an ion storm, asteroids, or even aliens.

One game mode I'd love to see is an Incursion style map where you have the 2 pvp teams starting off in a normal Deathmatch however an Alien fleet enters from a random side. Your goal is to be the last team with the most points. The aliens attack everyone and when they kill someone from your team you lose points. If you kill one of them you get 1/2 points. If you kill the opposing team you get full points.

This could also help with some of the balance issues we are currently seeing in the game. I've been in a few matches where the opposing team is all T1s and they get utterly destroyed with zero effort. To me that is boring, I like a good fight.

DN_MiguelItUp#0468 posted (#post-55515)

This thread is definitely oozing with awesome ideas! Our teams know that people want more space, it's something that has been talked about multiple times for some time now. So I think it's safe to say that you can expect to see some other space maps in Dreadnought's future. Along with more lore in general. smile

There is a map called rings of saturn, but it isn't really how I'd expect the Rings of Saturn to be. The map in game is a derelict ship or station floating in an asteroid field. What I'd like to see is a broad band of dust, ice and rock that we have to navigate through with the asteroids reacting to the combat. For example if you fire a nuke you turn big rocks into little ones, if you bump into an Asteroid and you have sufficient mass you send that roid moving, but if you are something tiny like a Vette you go crunch.

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-49941)

Zombie,Rings of satunrn are already ingame smile

I have had a couple matches tonight where I have hit Corvettes at point blank range with the cannons on my Dreadnought without them doing any damage.

I actually had one come up and sit next to me firing into my side doing large amounts of damage while I unloaded missiles and shot after shot from my cannons with zero damage. The size of a Corvette a single hit from a round from a Dreadnought should destroy it but I hit one over and over again while he just sat there immune.

A lot of interesting map potential out there particularly since this is a PC game.

Rings of Saturn (With moving asteroids as obstacles)

Kuiper Belt (With moving asteroids as obstacles)

Jovian atmosphere (With weather effects and pockets of moving explosive gases)

Nebula (With weather effects, electrical discharges, ice and rock obstacles)

Orbital Bone Yard (Where decommissioned ships are the obstacles)

A battle in close proximity to the sun around an orbital energy mine including flares and radiation bursts as dangerous obstacles.

Severely damaged Dyson Sphere which was abandoned by it's alien builders so it is now drifting through space passing our solar system (sky's the limit with the interior, obstacles and dangers) This could be the home for numerous maps including abandoned alien cities, forests, mountains, near the corona, in the open atmosphere near dangerously malfunctioning alien machinery.

Assault the Space Station mode with each team having their own station which will involve a defend vs destroy scenario where each side must balance the need to destroy the enemy stations defenses with the need to defend their own station and repair their own defense network.

Carrier capital ship defend/destroy similar to the above but the carrier has both weapons and NPC fighters.

It would also be nice to see factions with wars and an alien incursion, maybe a rogue black hole creates a wormhole where we must fight to defend our system.

Weather effects can impact ship handling.

Electrical discharges can reduce sensors and accuracy

Ice and rock obstacles can cause kinetic damage

A fan designed ship contest would be a fun way to drive interest in the game. The winner gets a founders pack and/or a pile of in-game currency as well as their ship entering the game with a name of their choosing. Of course there would be rules associated with the names as well as basic ground rules for the ships such as size, weapon placement and etc.

Yeah, the Corvette is a bit nuts. There is no reason why 2 Corvettes on a team should be able to repeatedly wipe the opposing team. The biggest issue is the fact that Tractor beam is largely useless on them. A simple way to add some balance the Corvette would be to make the Tractor Beam actually hold them. The other problem is most runs do not have any flak cannons on the team so the Corvettes are nearly unstoppable. When you get lucky and have a player who is leveled enough to have flak cannons the vettes are usually still able to avoid with their cloak and afterburner... an ability that is insanely overpowered.

I'm not worried about adding nerf's to the Corvette, just let those of us who don't play them have a functional tractor that can grab these Corvettes so the other ships can have a fighting chance against them. As it is now a tractor is rendered all but useless by afterburner and warp. Otherwise you might want to change the name of the game to Corvette. ;-)

Agreed. I'd love to see some battles in space rather than flying around mountains. It just feels weird flying around just above a planet. Rings of Saturn, Asteroid Belt, alien space stations and etc. would be a blast.

We really need some space maps. Asteroid belt, rings of Saturn, and etc. It feels weird having a giant spaceship battle flying around a valley on a planet.