Any link to the stream?

I have never seen a case of it happening any other way

Early 2016 is the date thats being "tossed around"

Take it for what you want

One bounty active at a time? One bounty limit per 24 hours? Option to have unlimited bounties placed on you? Easy fixes are possible for that

It's the overlords, come to reclaim the ships!

Hopefully they are still pulling people from the community who are active and/or contributing, or else lots of good potential testers won't get noticed.

Any comment on that empty?

A common reason people in an alpha/beta can't talk about it is because any suggestions they have might be seen/taken as a "it's not currently in the game or on the roadmap" when it actually is.

I just hope they don't push the game out early simply to appease anyone. Good games take time to build

Perhaps make it where your shields are strained(slowly depleated?) but you take much less damage from most weapons. Make it a place you can "hide" for a limited time, but it has risks. Double explosive damage?

I would like a bounty system. It would encourage people to play slightly different, which results in more variance in how the game is done, which can lead to more interesting games. Perhaps also add something for surviving if you/your squad have a bounty?