I got that email and wondered the same thing, you get two emails if you got into the alpha. one of them has the key in it, the other links you to the download page. So yes, you probably got in if you can find the second email. Check your spam folder!

I think you get two emails, one that leads you to the download and one that gives you your key. Check your spam folders, thats where mine were.

The next alpha round is feb 2-4. I don't think a beta start date has been announced yet. Be sure to check your spam folder for the alpha invite, that's where I found mine!

Also different classes have different shields. So a dreadnought shield uses very little energy while blocking around 60% damage. This means he can leave it on for a very long time but doesn't block as much damage. The Corvette is the opposite he blocks 100% damage but can only keep the shield on around 2-3 seconds. All the other classes fall in between these two extremes.


Sounds good to me! smile

We can only hope and dream.

Joy! Good luck everyone on getting in! (If they pull players from these forums.)

Even if there were a beta going on right now, this is the worst possible way to try to get in.

Aw sweet, I really hope its well optimized

That glorious hair!