Welcome! May the Dreadnought be with you!

Waywardchicken already admitted that they want to tease a bit more before letting us in the game ^^''''

Gotta admit, them spaceship pornstars are really good at the teasing part.

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Hey everyone! Just figuring I'd introduce myself while waiting for Dreadnought!

Man, don't be shy. We'll keep it a secret. I promise!

D-Dude promises, I don't :)

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Hallo Dedadude...What is the pronunciation for your name?

You can pronounce as you want, since it is a variation of a variation of a ...

My nick name born as Daedalus many years ago but, since it get used by to many in forums and games, had to change to Dedalus.

Then Dedalus get inflated too, so I had to think about variants: Dedadude (or D-dude, like a friend call me) is one of them ^^'''


Welcome Starsaint!

Welcome! Liquid metal would be an unfortunate mistake

only time will tell what modes they are capable of

I like this idea

Hallo Dedadude...What is the pronunciation for your name?

Welcome origional Wrel!