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Ok, first question: how do you bend the time to do all the stuff you do?


Thats my secret ^^

But what exactly have I done ?

  • Computer

  • Gym

  • Girlfriend

  • other stuff

where do you find the time for ALL? =D

Ah right!

Careful planning

Would hate to see when the planning goes wrong. Welcome BTW

Looking forward to it



Welcome! been waiting for a longtime as well. Cheers!

I would be interested in this gruop. Not sure on availability at the moment

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I am really liking the idea of the Tactical Cruiser. A healer can have a significant impact on the longevity of a vessel and turn the tide of war. However, I am interested in knowing a bit more on how squishy they may be.

There are a ton load of gameplay videos out there showcasing the Tactical Cruiser, an entire list of them can be found here:

Standing Ovation for you dear sir!

Stop while your ahead!**

I vote "Test Thingy?" should stay. It has lots of valuable words, if not all the words!

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Give this guy a medal! :D

Thanks for sharing

A medal seems too much, I will give him standing ovation.

Welcome! Hoping to get shot down is a weird way of trying to make friends...