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Just put minimum of real players to 5 per team to start a match and remove bots from the game completely. Also, if there are latejoiners, they should always be pulled into the game when there are 2 available, so no team gets a number advantage.

This. The game was fine when it was 5v5, I'd rather have that than the bots. Or make it 6v6 without bots, which is the current minimum to start a match.

Don't waste your breath, it's been going on for years. As long as they've got volunteers doing the deleting for free they're not gonna task a paid developer to install anti-spam measures, it's as simple as that.

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-221692) said:

How about a compromise then? Keep BB and the cooldown, but remove the "skip with credits" feature. Sounds terrible, but so you needn't worry about your Credits anymore.

How is that a compromise? You are not understanding the purpose of this thread. It's not about credits.

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I can't agree that buying battle bonus is waste , i constantly buy it and i am still able to make enough money to buy all modules i want . And i play without elite status

You earn XP faster than you earn credits, so credits are the bottleneck. If you buy BB then your average credits income drops quite a bit (in vet without elite from about 2.5k average to 1.75k average), so overall you're slowing down your progression.

Hootorez#4891 posted (#post-221666) said:

Oh... Yes port 8680 works.Everything is loaded but matchmeyker no one can collect from the players, but fighting with bots). Apparently it's for the XP Bonus Weekend only .
I'm returning it to 7680

Weird, that must be a Russia-only thing then. I know from players both in EU and US that 8680 is the one for them.

Belial it's not as clear cut though. If some things can be bought that theoretically are available for free but only after unrealistic amounts of grind that only few, if any, players will achieve, or if they are not economically viable to obtain with in-game resources (think some cases of premium ammo here), then often they are widely considered pay to win as well.

That just as a general remark - neither of those are relevant to your suggestion, which would indeed just be pay to progress faster. It's still not a good suggestion, because BB negatively impacts player counts and thus everyone's experience, also that of the paying customers, so IMHO a better solution should be found that keeps everyone playing.

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Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-221494) said:

They have tried the cosmetics as a way to pay for the game. It didn't work. Apparently they don't make a lot from cosmetics at all, but how much truth to that I don't know as it's second hand information.

So we are here with a system that is keeping the lights on for now.

One of the devs posted about a month or so ago they don't make much of cosmetics. It's because they're way overpriced. A number have posted on the forums if the prices were reasonable they would buy them, but aproximately $15 for a skin is about 5 times too much. However it's Greybox's business side that's making that pricing model, not the devs.

It's both the prices and the lack of choices. The market remains barren, nothing much to buy there.

BB is a mechanic designed to make players not play certain fleets as often as they otherwise would. As such, there is everything wrong with it.

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After patch 1.12.1 port better change MMOGBRAIN_PORT = 8680

You sure? I'm not from Russia but from the EU and that's the port we were using up until yesterday, it now changed for us to 7680, the whole reason I updated the file again. Using the wrong port usually leads to unsuccessful matchmaking.

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And yet, players from Russia address better to change this:

Is the still on the block list in your country? Then yes, that's a good change for Russian players.

Much better way to do the votes.

But where can I vote for the first iteration? Looks much more interesting than any of these.

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