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HandSolo#4718 posted (#post-221416) said:

T4 vet with mod reboot and scrambler mines can drop two groups of 4 mines before the target is aware of what is going on. Bad tactic in my mind, but it can be done. That would certainly seem like chained pulses.

More new T4 pilots are unlocking mod reboot first I have noticed when looking at my teams fitting during team creation. I think they are trying to create as much suicide damage as possible perhaps out of frustration considering the matching system is so skewed.

Mod reboot on a corvette? Pass me some of that weed pls.

earwhenUS#2007 posted (#post-221379) said:

Can this be chained? Cuz i just got my behind whooped..a corvette chained this skill on me..

Corvettes have no scramble pulse, but they can drop scrambler mines. At tier 4 it's 4 mines, so you can chain scramble yourself 4 times by moving into them all. It's also a fairly short cooldown module.

slab_of_bacon#9340 posted (#post-221376) said:

Oh squads are playing for the win, I can assure you. And the incentive to squad up is high for the May community challenge too. Even with double XP and current elite status I'm unfortunately hitting burnout again against the discord squad cancer.

Nah, there are certain squads who are just circle-jerking (surprised I say that here) for personal score no matter how the battle develops. Or maybe they just don't know better, no idea. Result is the same.

Load times entirely depend on the speed of your computer (except for the stuck on load screen bug, obviously, but that one never gets you into battle).


It's legendary, expect at least some players to know their modules.

The best counter to a beam is to shoot the ship emitting it. It'll be armor broken while having purge beam active, i.e. it's easier to kill.

I love late joining. Maybe add a checbox for those who don't though.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-221335) said:

ina perfect world I agree,

This entire game is built around imbalance since the introduction of tiers, it's up to the match-maker to decide how much of that should be in a battle. The grind is not a valid method of doing that. You can buy a mercenary pack now as a new player and go play legendary as soon as you finished your 3 proving grounds battles.

On your arty you have various ways to defend yourself including stasis missile, stasis mines and disruptor auto-beams. Even drain missile, if applied early enough, will discourage a ram, because it takes away a lot of their speed. Dive or evasive maneuver gets you away from an imminent ram, too. Anti-missile lasers or anti-missile pulse take care of their disrupt missile.

For the team perspective, being in range of a Dreadnought running armor boost pulse will also make you survive a ram. A destroyer with stasis ammo can stop several rammers dead in their tracks, tacs can fit stasis and purge beams, or even well positioned tractor beam pods will do the job.

Those are just some ideas, if you go through the tech trees you'll find more. Rammers are like corvettes, they mainly prey on unaware targets and/or unaware teams. Teamwork trumps such tactics, always.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-221327) said:

While I agree the XP boost has been great and I've made good progress my self. Personally I feel there needs to be a balance or new players will end up in battles with people with hundreds of hours of exsperiance. The devs also need to keep lower divisions populated too. That's why we have the grind.

That's not why we have it. The grind causes the imbalances due to people not playing what they should but rather what they are grinding, and entire squads not playing for the win but rather for points. With less grind people might play more reasonably, and if that caused player number to permanently spike like they did this weekend, then the match-maker would have plenty to work with to balance teams by experience/MMR as well.