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Ah, that makes sense.

I do wish it was dependent on skill though, at least a little.

Well, if your skill is high you'll probably win more, and you get 200 FP for a victory whereas it's only 100 for a loss, so basically your skill at winning is rewarded.

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I don't see myself playing this long term for such minimal gains due to no fault of my own being thrown into matches that are already 50%+ over with on terms of points.

Thats what everybody gains, but joining late you're just gaining it faster than others so in fact you should be happy.

Whether the current earning rate and/or the prices are final, who knows, we've just started closed beta and they've only just begun gathering data on progression speeds.

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I don't think you only get FP for contracts, seeing as how I earn it whether I bother with them or not. chalk it up to a bug and report it.

While we are on the subject though, I would like to know what determines how much FP you earn for a given match. I have had 3000+ score games where I have earned between 200-1200 FP, with seemingly no connection to how well I did. I would appreciate an answer here.

Your performance in the battle does not influence the amount of FP you earn at all.

Those extra FP come from contract completion, also you get bonus FP for reaching certain levels.

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Over the last week I have almost exclusively been playing the Cattaro aka "Defender" Tac Cruiser. Let me say, I love this ship. There are some problems with it though. First off, none of the contracts work with the Cattaro. I get on avg roughly 7-11 kills per game with this ship and it never registers on the contracts. In addition, I go to my stats page and laughably it claims I have a 1.78 kill ratio. I have NEVER had more deaths than kills with this ship in a game and let me say again 97% of my playtime is in this ship. So I can assure you that none of my stats for this ship are being recorded. I'm sure you can do more accurate testing than me, I'm just letting you know what's going on. You may want to look into the beam range (shorten it)because out dueling and outlasting most dreadnoughts and destroyers feels a little unusual in a tac cruiser.

Is this still happening to you? Just checked after seeing this thread and my Cattaro records stats and advances contracts fine.

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IM highly annoyed being a support only player i bought this tactical cruiser thinking it would give me better healing capablity then finding out it doesnt heal at all why do healers have to wait 25 levels to get a better healing ship when people get upgrades at 15? i almost uinstalled the game yesterday because of it so now i have to grind 10 more levels to get a new healing ship its getting irratating using the starter tc

As other said, read the descriptions. Also the ship can heal with modules, although personally I think it's a bit of a waste and have mine fully combat specced. Love the ship.

Haven't been able to find a match all week, it just sits in the queue for hours if I let it.

Last time it worked was last weekend, I suppose the patch after that broke it.

As in any game, forums are for discussions, if you need support contact support:

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Is there anywhere to find the RAW data of the weapons and modules in Dreadnought yet?

I haven't seen anything official but you can find the raw data in DN_Weapons_DT.uasset if you know how, but I don't know how GreyBox are handling this, at face value it would be a ToS violation to extract and publish the data so I cannot help you further with that.

Larger teams are not that easy to balance. Just imagine the amount of nukes that could be thrown at you at the same time. And you could have more reps on the field, too, so sustained fire could still get cancelled out.

Noticed that my "First Strikes" stat says I got 0 of them. This is incorrect and incidentally I have the First Strike ribbons to prove it.

Might be other stats are incorrect as well, e.g. Double Kills is listed as 0 and I'm just about certain that's wrong as well (but not sure which ribbon corresponds).

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This issue should be resolved now, thank you everyone for your patience <3

Nope, still not working for me at least.