Seems patch v1.12.1 broke the default mode of the launcher (or rather, the game now has a check in place whether it's being launched from the official launcher).

For now you can use the launcher's cached mode to launch the game. For that you'll have to add -usecache to the launcher's launch parameters (see instructions in first post of the thread) and, since it currently cannot generate the cache file itself, you'll have to download it from here: Snib's Dreadnought Steam Launcher.cache and place it into your %TMP% folder (yes, that's a valid path, just type it in like that). Make sure your browser doesn't rename it.

The cache will remain valid until the next server maintenance, so typically the next patch. Until then I'll hopefully have an update to the launcher for you (waiting to hear from the devs whether they blocked it intentionally though).

For sure. About the same category as emblems. You know they are there, but you never noticed one in battle.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-221045) said:

XEN BloodRedSky#6560 posted (#post-221039) said:

Typical "Not the outcome I wanted so the system was clearly manipulated"

I voted Enyo and i'm proud that I did and i'm happy the russian hackers supported this vote.

If you are on the discord, you would know it was. I can supply screen grabs of the person saying what they did too.

Maybe next time you'll not be so cynical, or maybe you will.

He is on discord, he's just trolling, as usual.

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Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-221005) said:

Some one was manipulating the out come. So we will never know what the community really wanted.

Do you have evidence to support this claim?

  1. It's strawpoll, multi-voting is to be expected

  2. We could even tell you the name of at least one guy who did it on a large scale to troll the poll (the idea was to have it end on a tie, it ended with one vote difference, probably the CM adding it at the end - I know I would have in their place), but let's not do that here. It was common knowledge on the official discord, even the devs knew it, join us so next time you'll know, too.

Or someone stuck at the loading screen. Plenty possibilities. If you get 0 score you don't even get the base participation rewards so there's no advantage to doing that, I highly doubt that was intentional. People are so quick to report...

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According to a datamine...

Light Flechettes on T4 Destroyers has - lock-on range of 7000 meters, but only a maximum travel distance of 5000 meters.

I already told you that table was left in limbo when it accidentally got updated after a code change only half done. I also confirmed that T4 light flechettes fly the full 7k, not just 5k. Once I find the time I'll look it over. No reason to start confusion here.

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No, you misunderstand me, I am not agreeing with you.

Your comment did.

"If the fleets were set up right for united queues."

Please don't invent things you want me to have said and present them as if I had. That's something very hostile to do.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-221005) said:

Some one was manipulating the out come. So we will never know what the community really wanted.

The one that won was actually the least popular by far, and I'm not sure about the other two, they were much closer together in the real votes. The guy doing it didn't keep track so there's no exact count.

Rank means in nearly all cases briefings and experience, and both of those are game changers.

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Are we talking about different versions of the game here? Currently on PS4 you have to purchase as well as research a certain number of modules to progress to the next ship.

It's the same on PC, both game versions are mostly identical at this time. I have no idea what the guy above me is talking about (maybe he thought you were talking real money?).