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so the only other way to end up with a surplus is to carry on playing in a ship that you've maxed out (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Oh yeah, sure, or to play with hero ships. I didn't point that out because in either case you still get the XP, you'll just have to pay to use it on other ships.

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Nashwan#3703 posted (#post-220961) said:

Yeah, I think you're doing something wrong if you have a ton of credits and nothing to spend them on.

I have half a million credits. It's because I rotate my BB.

BB makes you earn more XP than credits though. The only way to a credit surplus is to play without BB actually (or to perform really badly, but I know that's not your case).

I played the first 3 proving grounds battles on another account this week and I got enough XP to basically fully research all T1 ships but not enough credits to buy a single T2. I'm sure it won't be that extreme for a new player still learning to play, but the XP vs Credits imbalance is certainly there.

Daragoth#0738 posted (#post-220950) said:

The Grind is where I think most of them will say "screw it" and quit. It's bad, really bad. Like I have a few T3 ships but I can't upgrade any of
them because of the needed Research points. Money isn't a issue, RP is. I have a ton of credits I have nothing to do with.

Make sure to always play with battle bonus then (you can pay to put it off cooldown if credits are not your concern). Personally I'm several hundred thousand credits short of buying the modules I have already researched, for me the economy was always just about credits.

No, you misunderstand me, I am not agreeing with you.

that would be an extremely high rate for a f2p title. we'll see.

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And the Steam release is going to increase the playerbase anyway, atleast over time.

I think you meant "at least for a time". Steam release will get new players to check it out, but once they reach T3 and experience the unbalanced match-making, the ever increasing grind, the lag, bugs and macro abuse, it's an open question how many will stay.

This is a bad idea. I don't want my veteran fleet in legendary, I have my legendary fleet for that. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for an optional simultaneous queue, but only with the proper fleets.

If you're in Russia then it's the IP blocks in place there. Otherwise you sure you're not just experiencing the twitch drop issue? When you receive a twitch drop (or anything else added to your account like the 40k credits community reward yesterday) your logins will fail for a minute or two.

There's also another long standing issue where always the first login fails (presumably because the server did not close the last session correctly).

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Hass anyone else been having issues since the update when switching between main and secondary guns where they won't fire, even after multiple clicks? I've gotten killed a few times because of this.

Guns occassionally locking up has been happening since I first picked up the game over 2 years ago, didn't notice any higher frequency since the update. But why are you posting that in this thread?

I didn't know this game was ever on kickstarter?

No matter the type of founder pack you have, you should have at least some version of the Morningstar Hero ship that you should be able to add to your fleet. If you can't find it, PS4 still has a region lock for a few more days, your items may be linked to another region?

Otherwise I suggest contacting customer support about all account issues.