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Thank you a lot for 1.12.1. With instant action is much more fun to play!

Thx to Dreadnought developers, every time you buy a ship, that you like, it turns out that it's unflyable **it. They completely ignore that faster ships have lot more chances.

Thx, Dreadnought team.

No need to show anything. 2 alive tac-ships repairing each other and a team are always better than one dead tac-ship and one shooting you in the back. Btw as a corvette had more probles from a good Vigo or a good sniper than this Palos.

Kampfkraft#8374 posted (#post-113567)

That type of ship is simply not meant for you. Good that you figured that out.

Meanwhile the "trash" is doing its job pretty well,at least for me.

p.s. Is "trash" a favourite word of yours? I constantly read it in your comments in the ingame-chat, like "trash-team" and other combos...

English isn't my native language, so my vocabulary isn't wide. I know some other words, but you will like them less and they will give me chat ban smile smile

His speed isn't so good and combined with low hp doesn't give any advantage. You can chase, but you are an easy target too. His damage depends a lot on energy bar and module making him mostly useless in team fights. 0-2 corvettes in every game and 6-8 destroyers, dreadnoughts, tac-ships, against whom your ship looks pretty bad. Chasing only one enemy ship around a map isn't so fun and profitable. Once again, you can install the same modules on every other tac-ship and be a healer for your team instead of bad damager. This ship a trash and must have repair, like his discription says.

Speed and amor on Palos, he makes sure things die.. lolwhat? smile) Have you seen that ship? Buy one and try to play first. "the most powerful anti-corvette ship in the game" needs to use a module and burn all his power down to kill 1 corvete, if he isn't escaping ofc, and ofc if he isn't invisible. But wait, anyone can do it. If a corvette focus on Palos directly instead of somebody around, he even don't have enough hp to survive. Dreadnoughts are the best anti-corvette ships. You can do nothing against them, nothing. They just lunch missles at you, and you have fun escaping or hiding from them. Snipers is another story. Just a bit of repair and your Palos loses again because he burned his power and module and don't have enough damage to compite against sniper who don't rely much on modules or power.

If you understand it, tell us why Palos is so better than other ships with 100% same modules and weapons?

If you want a destroyer, play onslaughts only and you will get everything very fast. Fill your fleet to 5 ships, every ship wil get equal amount of bonus exp. Preselect officer briefings which you want in future and passive lvl those ships in your fleet.

Same weapon name, same beam, repair ship in discription, same modules. Even the module with healing increase for weapon. And can't repair, beause crosshair don't turn to green on allied ships. It's a bug obviously and nobody fix it. Without repair this ship is good for nothing. Other tac-ships have 100% same mines too btw, there is nothing special in this ship to cut heal from it.