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Well at least everything else is obviously true due to your lack of even acknowledging anything else I said.

I hope you guys turn this game into something good but the way it is now, it don't stand a chance of being anything more then a fad people will play a few days and toss it aside.

Sorry but that is a logical fallacy.

Argument from Ignorance

Argument from Ignorance

Just because I did not refute all points doesn't mean that they are true. In this case, I spoke to the one point that I am qualified to speak about.

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The problem as I see it, The Developers have no clue what they have implemented as far as the grind goes. They play with maxed out ships with unlimited credits and have no idea what its like running a tier 2 or 3 ship against tier 4. They are completely clueless. The grind itself is not that bad but to have to do it with such un-balanced matches is ridiculous.

Just to be absolutely transparent and clear, this is untrue. Our QA testers may have various levels of progressed and non-progressed accounts and some of them may test at max level for completeness. However, all of the Grey Box employee player accounts are explicitly forbidden from being granted special items or additional currency or experience points. I can attest to this personally because, since the new Progression 2.0 release, I am very far behind everyone and play in Tier 1 still.

I just wanted to drop in and personally explain that we're actively developing solutions for this.

We have a number of anti-spam solutions in place already. Unfortunately it seems like this clever spammer has managed to get around all of them. I'm actually baffled that one of our anti-spam service providers has completely failed in detecting these posts as spam. Nevertheless, we are in the process of QA-ing a set of changes that will hopefully mitigate this problem.

Sit tight and enjoy the ride for the next week or so before it's deployed, and thank you again for all of your patience.

What a wonderful and thoughtful post. Thank you!

I'll take a look to see what happened.


Hrm, the link I just clicked on to respond to this worked OK. I've cycled the server again to see if maybe something was lingering...