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We’re very interested in your feedback on this change and with the scoring values returned to normal, would love to hear how you feel this improves Dreadnought.

This doesn't improve Dreadnought, it just doesn't make it worse (critical assists are not new). You didn't need to roll back the increased credit payouts from 1.12 btw, that part of the changes had been very welcome.

I have to agree with him here ^

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I suspect you've probably been subject to some of the higher skilled players in maxed-out tier 4 ships (a squad of which, in voice comms, is most certainly able to close out a game in a matter of minutes).

Artillery cruisers have bomb/mine catapults which, whilst taking a long time to reach the target, can do up to 30k/60k (respectively) from 14km away with a modest AoE as the projectiles spread out - you likely were hit by this. If affected by the officer briefing Module Amper, the damage potential is upped to 39k/78k. The projectiles are highly visible as bright red or blue flares, and about the only way to ensure survival is to use an armour amp or simply get out of the way if/when you see them coming.

As for how fast ships are moving, there's several abilities that substantially boost speed. Thrust amplifier on corvette and destroyer give a large bonus to movement, assault thrusters on dreadnoughts and afterburners on corvettes rocket them forward at an incredible rate, and the ram modules on destroyers give a modest forward boost on activation. There is additionally the Engine Rigger officer briefing which causes power to engines to consume 75% more energy to increase the speed bonus by 100%.

I've played well over a thousand battles, and I can honestly say that I've never seen a case where someone is clearly cheating.

I also was in-game with a squad over a discord voice call and he and I both noticed there was something wrong with this picture I have the veteran morning star and I get downed in less then a moment. As well corvettes being able to tank damage after 3+ attacking at same time with boosters on and just sitting still there.

I've been noticing a lot of cheaters in dreadnaught as of late and games ending in less then five minuts due to them. I've had my tier 3 destroyer ship with full shields on and full health with two healers on me and and repair pods and I get one hit and three other ships at same time from only one artillery cruiser. Developers please strengthen your anticheat for dreadnaught. I have also noticed ships being way faster then supposed to be even with thrusters on. Trust me you will notice after you played the game for a long time.