Welcome aboard LamboUK! Thanks for stopping by our booth at gamescom!

And I assume that this would be free for all to see once the game goes live/open beta?

Nope! That section will remain locked down. There are plans for reporting for Open Beta and Launch but let's get to Closed Beta first. smile

@Yager-Devs and @Greybox: Don't use the forum for bug reporting. It'll be a mess. Use it for balancing and tweaking feedback.

The dedicated feedback/bug reporting section (along with the other tools in place) has worked well for us and until a time comes where that is no longer the case, we'll stick with what works. That being said, I appreciate your feedback on process and I'll pass it on to the right folks.

Ideas are awesome!

He's now 3/4 of the way to 500! That's CRAZY. Y'all are the best. smile

Also welcome Dedadude

I wonder how long it will take till this thread get's closed...

Only about a day!

Sorry folks but Chip is right. Now that more folks have started posting I need to be a bit stricter when enforcing the rules.

Nonetheless it may still connect together, as there have been clues everywhere, from art styles to key words.

That's some mighty fine detective work! Sadly I have to (though I don't want to) burst your bubble and tell you they're not in the same universe.

The plan currently is a private forum section as THD and Irish have said.

It'll be like a secret club house for the testers.

Hey everybody, this is the kind of feedback we LIVE for. Thank you! I will make sure this thread gets in front of the right folks. :)

Same, signed up but nothing

Thanks for signing up! You won't receive any emails from us regarding beta until we get closer to the start date (which is slated for early 2016).

Thanks for understanding JB! I'm going to go ahead and close this thread due to the forum rule violation. That being said, you're not in any sort of trouble. :)

Jownsy - thank you for being a steward for the forum rules AND for responding with the politeness all community members deserve. :)

As i saw from rocketbeans there are changes on point system

every kill now is 6 and 7 points.As i understood if your team takes first kill you go 6 then if your team takes second it's 7 then again 7 and again 6 until you finish the game.So we have 6,13,20,26,33,40,46,53,66,73,80,86,93,100.Those were the scores of all 3 games they played.

The rocketbeans stream (and everyone else at gamescom) are playing a modified build to ensure as many people as possible can experience the game here at the convention. There are a lot of people itching to get their hands on the title and we modified the win conditions a bit to help them. :)

What an observant catch by the way! Color me impressed.