I´m assuming the game is goint to get a steamrelase so the question is, is the Beta coming to steam.

We're currently planning on using a stand alone launcher like Jownsy said.

We need an ingame account to track our stats do we need a new Account or do we use the forumacc or possible our steamaccounts.

The plan right now is that a Greybox account will be your boarding pass to Dreadnought

And the last question is are they still opting for a release in Summer?

There is no set date yet, as soon as I can share one with you I will!

Howdy folks! Just wanted to pop back in and add an addendum to my initial post.

Things are always in a state of flux during game development. Nothing is safe from tweaks, changes, or restructuring, including progression monetization.

Know that almost anything we talk about here may change before release. :)


First off, I am in love with the concept art of the game. Secondly, is there a version of this that is ready to play? If so, where do I download it? If it isn't free, how do I get it?

Welcome to the forums MaxChaos, glad you're liking what you've seen so far!

To answer your question, no there isn't a playable version available to the public yet. Sit tight and stay tuned!

So true! Sign me up, strap me in, and fire me towards the red planet.

The person below me owns a telescope.

Is there anywhere to go on this website to take a look at what the f2p model for this game would be like?

Thanks for the question Diinkarazan! We haven't released a monitization plan yet but like Selerox said, no progression related items will be for sale! Please stay tuned for more info as we get closer to release.

Welcome captain! Thanks for stopping by the forums!

Thank you all SO much for your entries! The winners have been chosen, and I'm in the process of contacting them via private messaging here on the forums.

I'm going to close this thread with one more huge thank you to all who entered. Stay tuned for more giveaways!


Greetings captains!

The fine crew over at YAGER have put together a Team Elimination commentary video for you to check out!

Join Game Director Peter Holzapfel and Game Designer Timm Boukoura as they guid you through advanced battle strategies, preview some of the ships available in your hangar, and prepare your to hopefully survive this deadly one-and-done gametype!

Read the complete brief here!

Don't worry, we have some pretty big and violent exothermic reactions planned.

Music to literally EVERYONE'S ears. :)

Hey Kyrtin, it seems your issue is unique and we're in the process of investigating. Sorry you're having troubles! I will message you privately with any further updates.

Thanks for joining us on the forums!