Please, enlighten me.. how do I become a friend / family? Whom do I have to marry?

I'm taken, sorry. :P

As soon as I have more details and can share them with y'all I promise to do so. Believe me we're just as excited to get the game in your hands as you are to play!

may your ship disappear before you're found.

@Dedadude: Mind if I use this? I absolutely love the quote.

I second EMpulse's sentiment, we're very lucky to have them here and of course developing a game we're all excited to be a part of!

The devs have been an absolute joy to work with so far and I have witnessed first hand just how much love, consideration, and care they have for the community at large. I may be a bit biased but I truly believe this game and the community that surrounds it are in good hands with the folks at Yager.

Please welcome them with the same kind words and open arms you welcomed me with, they absolutely deserve it!


Welcome, Captain! Enjoy your stay here on the forums and we'll see you in the skies!

I'am afraid i don't own a twitter account,but i will do my best here on forums or facebook

Facebook or the forums work just as well! I am and will be monitoring all of our official channels.

Welcome to the community and thanks for checking us out at Pax East!

That battering ram is insanely fun to the point where you sometimes forget you have other weapons. It's so satisfying to get up close and personal with other ships...and then blow them up.

Thanks for the find Odinous! I just shared it on our social channels.

Feel free to tweet any Dreadnought videos you find or create to the official twitter @PlayDreadnought and I'll check 'em out.