Glad to hear you're digging the controls everyone! I'll post a German version of the control cards once we arrive at gamescom! :)

Welcome captain! Thanks for stopping by our neck of the verse!

Be careful not to stare for too long into the endless black sea. It can take your soul without notice.

I absolutely love this, and unless my Google-fu has failed me it seems to be an original quote. Is it?

they stated in multiple threads that they are currently focusing on the pc-version. there are currently no plans for a console port, but they have not ruled it out.

Bingo! We are currently focusing on making the PC experience the best possible! Never say never, but for now Dreadnought is PC only.

XComing4YouX#2469 posted (#post-3733)

So, it is the summer now. Is the initial release date "wrong", or is there still a chance of it coming out in the summer?

Greetings captain! We don't have a date set just yet but please stay tuned for more info!

Welcome aboard captain! o7

Welcome Captain Crowtac! I hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to partaking in some of that ale!

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Greetings Starlord, we haven't released any information on a Dreadnought beta yet. Please stay tuned to the forums and our social channels for updates!

You are most definitely still in time for the beta! Stay tuned for more information!