Hello and welcome Lethal61! Thanks for stopping by the forums, I hope you enjoy your stay!

Just to drive the point home: YES we'll be there :) Make sure you swing by the booth and say hello!

Welcome aboard Zagjake! Thanks for checking us out at the past 4 PAX's!

Will we be seeing you at Prime this year?

Welcome aboard Captaian RedVenge! We can always use more toaster killers and mechanical engineers. :)

Chip, as I've already said in this're the MAN. Thanks for the recap and the debrief.

The replay will be shared on social media today at noon, but for you fine forum folk here is the link a couple hours early. Dreadnought Dev Stream Replay.

To all of you that tuned in, chatted, or have watched the replay on Twitch already, THANK YOU. :)

Welcome to the crew Chiyanov! Thank you for stopping by the forums.

You will most definitely be able to ask questions! There of course may be stuff they can't talk about just yet.

You are the MAN Chip. Thanks for doing this!

Just in case you miss anything or want to verify information, I will make sure to get the replay uploaded ASAP after the stream.

Hey Grey Box, what happens if someone switches internet providers and no longer has access to the old email?

We definitely plan on allowing you to change email addresses in the future. For now however, if you have lost access to the email address you will have to register for a new account.

Hey Codex! I'm in the process of investigating and will contact you directly once I know something.