I just finished the first book in the Expanse series (I haven't caught up on the TV series) and enjoyed that.

I'm presently reading Seveneves by Neil Stephenson, about the moon breaking up and destroying all life on Earth... while the moon broke up, I haven't got to the destroying all life on Earth even yet...

I'm also re-reading The Stand in preparation for The Division.

Other books recently read and recommended, Ready Player One, The Martian (prior to see the movie), Revival, Aftermath: Star Wars (okay for a SW novel, no Hand of Thrawn, but okay).

The Dark Tower is one of my favorite book series. I thought the first book was the biggest chore to get through. My main online name, after Jonathan Strange (after the excellent book Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell) is R Flagg for Randall Flagg, whom first appeared under that name in the Stand (rereading that now as I wait for The Division to release) but is a major character in the Dark Tower series.

I'd plus this... I'd actually make it more like Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide and/or L4D 2. You don't just stay in place, but have to move forward from objective point to objective point and fight off the enemy onslaught as you push them back.

I was about to post about this concept, but did a search first and found this. So bumping to the front.

I'm thinking more the World of Warships model of control. The AI does okay on it's own, but you still take a certain degree of control on the fighters.

Hopefully we can get a developer update on the status of such a feature... of course I could have simply missed such an update... oh wait... four more pages to check through. I'll post anyhow and edit later.

EDIT: Okay, after a very quick review of the thread, I don't think it should be on a Dreadnought itself... the ability to launch some really small drones or small fighters perhaps, but a carrier should have something a tad better than those in Team Elimination mode.