Maybe if we ask nicely they will have some made up smile

It would be amazing to get into the alpha and be a part of development of this amazing game.

The wait for this game is slowly killing me.However to hear that a game dev actually does not want to release a half a** game for once makes my heart smile. I cannot wait to see how all your hard work will pay off. Thanks for the update

I would love to have something along these lines!!!! But I am sure you can guess that as I am the one who started the Collectors Edition thread :p

Now before anyone jumps down my thorough I know this will be free to play. I am just curious how many of you wish for a collectors edition with like Dreadnought statue and maybe some concept artwork. I personally would love to have something like that. Just wishful thinking.

Welcome hope to see you on the battlefield

Lt_Grim626 here. Can't wait to get my hands on this game!!! I am an avid live-streamer and gamer. I am a 31 year old combat veteran form the US. I am currently disabled so I have tons of free time to enjoy new and old games. If you would like to know more just ask!!!