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I waited a bit and tried it again, it worked. But no Hanuman.

Hey I suggest you contact our support team so they can look into your issue more thoroughly. Explain as best you can what you are seeing or experiencing.

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Thats great news. Releasing on steam is a HUGE boost to publicity and pretty much means game's official release in people's eyes, even if it technically stays in beta

Just make sure the game is ready by then, as a big steam launch is once in a lifetime opportunity

Agreed! Steam release does mark the end of Beta. We are looking forward to opening Dreadnought to a wider audienece.

Hello Captains! We just announced today that Dreadnought will be coming to Steam! Tons of new features were revealed on our stream with a target of late Q3 for release.

Our Steam page is live and you can follow and Wishlist it right now!

Our Steam page has an FAQ that covers most of the general questions players might have and we wanted to post it here so it was available to everyone.

What does it mean to “go to Steam”?

Currently running in open beta, Dreadnought is not yet integrated with Steam for account management and transactions. Our development team is hard at work modifying Dreadnought’s platform to integrate with Steam’s account management systems, log-in mechanisms, and their proprietary in-game storefront solutions. By the time Dreadnought is ready for Steam, PC players will log into Steam, play Dreadnought, and make purchases directly from the Steam platform.

Why are you bringing the game to Steam?

Steam will allow the Dreadnought development team to concentrate on making a better game while still providing players with a stable and inviting game platform. The end result will be larger matching pools, shorter queue times, and higher quality matches. Another benefit will be cleaner social features for finding players for squads and increasing players friend connections.

Our intent is to make Dreadnought a Global game. Steam player base and diversity will provide Dreadnought with the opportunity to quickly reach players worldwide. By the time we launch, Dreadnought will support English, German, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Brazilian Portuguese

Steam also simplifies player payment options; allowing for gifting between friends and easier access to upgrades and exciting bundles.

With Steam Dreadnought will provide greater content and support for players while concentrating on game development.

When are you launching on Steam?

There is still a lot of work to be done before Dreadnought launches on Steam. Our development team has some major features they still want to get into game, while efforts on polish, bug fixing, play balance, and infrastructure, and platform improvements continue.

In all cases there are challenges we must meet; however, our current goal is to have Dreadnought ready for players in the second half of Q3 2018. We will keep you informed with more specific announcements as we get closer.

Please add Dreadnought to your Steam wishlist and follow us to have these updates and announcements surfaced to you

What do you mean by “One-Time Account Linking”?

While Dreadnought will integrate fully with Steam, behind the scenes there is a third party account system, entitlement systems, in-game storefronts, and more.

When players initially start up Dreadnought on Steam they will be brought to the Dreadnought launcher and asked to either Log In (if you have an existing Grey Box/Dreadnought account) or fill out a very short form (account Email association and desired Display Name) that will create a Grey Box/Dreadnought account. Using either path, your Steam account will be associated and linked with your Dreadnought account.

This is a one-time process linking your account, once complete players will not have to repeat this initial step again.

What if I have been using a Facebook Log-in to play Dreadnought?

Following the transition to Steam, we will no longer support Facebook logins.

Players currently use Facebook Log-in to enter the game, will need to use the password reset option in the launcher so they can select a password that is not linked directly to their Facebook account.

Following that, players will be able to go through the one-time account linking process as described above.

If you are having trouble please reach out to our Support Team.

What does this change mean for me, as an existing Dreadnought player?

As an existing Dreadnought player all your stats, purchases, progression and unlocks will not be affected. On the day we launch on Steam, you will be asked to download a launcher and client via Steam as our current launcher system will be retired.

If you have questions on how to use your current account, please refer to our One-Time Account Linking section of this FAQ so that you can see what you will encounter when you start up Dreadnought on Steam.

Will there be more content being released before you are on Steam?

The Development team has announced a complete overhaul to UI/UX before the Steam launch. They are also expecting to have custom matches and lots of balance and QOL updates coming to the game on a consistent update schedule prior to launch. They will also be introducing new ships, captain and ship vanity, and more on a consistent cadence leading up to launch. Finally, they will be adding at least two additional languages prior to launch and three more languages upon Steam launch.

Will you still be in Open Beta when you are on Steam?

We have been in Open Beta for about year and player feedback has been invaluable in changing how the game has evolved and the direction it has taken. While there will be continued development and evolution, the Steam launch will signify the end of the Open Beta program and Dreadnought will be officially launched.

Where can I go if I'm having trouble?

For general help related to Dreadnought you can find articles here:
To submit a request to our Support Team follow the link here:

If you are having issue with the Steam Client please reach out to Steam Support. For all issues related to your Grey Box account, Bug, or the Game Client please reach out to our Support Team.

Will I be able to use my Steam Wallet to buy items?

Yes, after we launch on Steam, selected Game Bundles (starter packs whose contents will be rotated occasionally) and GP packs (hard currency) will be able to be purchased with funds from your Steam Wallet. By purchasing GP packs, players can make additional purchases within the in-game store.

Where can I interact with other Dreadnought players?

You can communicate with fellow players right here on the Steam Forums or visit our other sites on multiple platforms. (We have linked them below.) As we move forward through launch we will see whether the Steam forums or the forums at the Official Dreadnought site become more active. Come let us know how you like the game.

This FAQ will be updated as we get closer to release. If you have a question that isn't covered let us know so we can do our best to find an answer for you!

See you in game Captains.

To our Russian Community members,

The Dreadnought team has been made aware of the most recent blocks that The Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor have made to millions of IPs. In the crossfire of limiting access to Amazon Web Services, websites, and some applications it seems like the Dreadnought launcher (and login services) have been affected.

The internal teams here are looking to see what options can be taken but no solution is truly able to be implemented as quickly as we’d like. Please understand that the situation is still not 100% set and we are keeping an eye to see how connections and permissions change. We are hoping that Roskomnadzor will be more selective in what IPs it is blocking soon.

We thank you for your patience. (We want you playing too!) Please continue to use the forums to keep us updated as well. Direct information from the Russian community is helpful and welcomed.

If you are looking for more information please feel free to head over to these links:

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Now we have global problem with connecto to game server from Russia.
Launcher show "error connecting to greybox"
As we think, it is not fault of DN team, it is fault of Roskomnadzor - (Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications)
They block many IP subnetworks, when they trying to block one messenger...
We have one way to solve this problem - write requests to our providers, ask them to solve problem an to deblock DN subnetworks.
Now we need just to know subnetworks of DN game servers (I think it is not confidential info).

p.s thank for good game)

Hello! Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are sorry to hear that the game is currently inaccessible through normal means. Our team has been notified and we will do our best to find a solution for you. Till then I ask that you update us is soemthing changes again.

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Scramble pulse should not make the person being effected by it unable to use shields. its being abused too much, especially on ps4. its a senor jam, not a shield jam.

please fix this, idk why this havent been addressed its been over a year & im pretty sure its not working as intended.

Hello! I'll be sure to try and see if things with Scramble Pulse are working as intended with some questions to our devs. If you have some visual evidence via the record function on PS4 that might help me understand what you are seeing too!

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  1. I assume that the counter for the free xp doesn't take into account any free xp accumulated before the event start.

  2. Is the contract timer going to be removed for the second week?

Hello! Yes the event will be the start of all stat gathering for those particular time periods.

Removed in terms of counting towards the goal? What exactly does remove mean for you?

He means if you complete a contract, there is a timer before another contract becomes available. If you do all 4 contracts you can't do any more, and thus can not contribute to the event until one of your contract timers expire, limiting the ammount of contribution any one player can achieve.

Thanks for clearing that up! No changes to the current way Contracts are given / reset will be made during the contest. As it is a community effort across both environments (PC & PS4) no special changes to the way the systems work will happen for this event.

XEN-NytBlade#2338 posted (#post-217481) said:

  1. I assume that the counter for the free xp doesn't take into account any free xp accumulated before the event start.

  2. Is the contract timer going to be removed for the second week?

Hello! Yes the event will be the start of all stat gathering for those particular time periods.

Removed in terms of counting towards the goal? What exactly does remove mean for you?

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Why are the devs not responding to our comments, I get the impression they feel they are too good to do so. This legendary issue really needs to get fix (why bother levelling and spending money to get to that class?), making me not play the game and brings me to the other three large issues,

How expensive things are in general - people don’t mod because they don’t want to spend £20-£30 a month on playing the game, Id sink a £5er maybe £10, but with Elite as well now chance. Which raises another issue, what’s the point of getting to Legendry Status, as no plays it?

The ultimate and complete pain in my ar53, the terrible match team balancing, I mean if you must move people between Teams do so automatically before the games in lobby, so they are closer matched and way more fun.

You guys are killing your own game, I played this game day in and day out for months and spent I’m guessing £20 a month, I refuse to do this any longer. Give something back to the community and make character and ship upgrades free or earned with time spent playing the game, so at certain levels. Also your character artwork and design is so s.h.1.t, I’m me, what’s with he stupid goggle options, have you guys ever look at any other games? Look at "They are Billions" small Indi game, with epic design sense.

Look, I know it may sound like I don’t like he game, but I love it! It’s been months and months and the basics are still broken, get this fix and they game will take off, if not you will lose another big fan.

Hey Silversurfer (great name btw),

First I just want to let you know that no one on the dev team feels we are above interacting with our players. You are the fuel that keeps us going when working on issues like the one you are concerned about. Game balance, queue times, matchmaking, player expereince, module costs, are things many people across both our PS4 and PC enviornments have pointed to as things they are not 100% happy with.

Your passion for our game is appreciated and thank you for even providing examples of other games to look at. We want to eventually get to the expereince that meets the most pressing needs of our player base(s). I understand that it is not the most fun thing to do but we ask that you be patient as the new changes to the game roll out.

The whole Dreadnought team is open to your criticisms as that is one of the ways we know how folks are feeling. Again I just want to reiterate that superiority has nothing to do with communications with you. (Those folks are just working hard!)

Hello Kurt_Hustle!

While both platforms are connected to each other and content does pass between both, the amount of time that exclusive items exsist on each environment is not something we can release.

Most of that timed excusive information will be released when appropriate. I hope this answers your question!