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Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-214596) said:

I saw that the arty cosmetic is for free. I do appreciate it, but it is kinda misleading. I thought that I will receive that what I saw. It looked like you are giving away this entire special ship coating which I knew from the closed beta, this means the orange blue coating as a whole, and not the single pattern. This is a significant difference you know.

Just give away closed beta special ship coatings for free. They already where ingame, so this is not really an impossible request.

Hey! When it comes to cosmetics they are never 100% taken out of the rotation unless explicitly said. I'll look into this and see what exactly is up with the coatings!


We are working to try and get the spam under control. Just be sure to let us know if it becomes a huge problem when navigating the forums!

thee_hatter#7052 posted (#post-175353)

What are you talking about!? From my count there are 187 pages of pure spam in our forum here. Some nutjobs talking about spaceships, healer and corvette OP (really weird, they seem never to agree on anything).

My question for my fellow forum friends is: Who would you put your trust in? Should it be beloved baba Ji or the mystic molvin Ji? Both seem to be extremely experienced and operate all around the world.

Haha Hello Thee_Hatter,

The holiday just meant some of our team was away spending time with their families. Spam should be gone for now sir smile

Hey Captains,

Everyone's experience in game is different and valid. When reading through these posts I see lots that can be sent to our devs to look at but when you start arguing with each other instead of working to try and look at changes objectively the threads original intent gets lost.

If you could please either stop or move the argument to a place that isn't our forums it'd be most appreciated.