It's good to see the Defender in a healthy state. For #1 very few players play it. The power of beam weaponry is very unique for a TAC cruiser of a great range with sustainable damage. Very unique ship, I tip my hat to Yager for this ships design.

Before the buff this ship was a tremendous burden on the team in comparison to the other TAC cruisers. Now when you pick this ship your actually fufiling a versitile support dps roll and you actually have teeth.

I find this ship counters some healing comps do to the range and being able to do a instant dps target change. Which keeps enemy healing TACs on their toes.

There's much rage on the forms of Corvettes being overpowered. That's not the case, they just didn't have a strong counter till now. With the Defender we fulfil that role.

Also we do have a counter ART cruisers do give a Defender problems much like how we give Corvette problems. There is still trades between each obviously.

Going for the nerf hammer on the range is too far atm and needs more time for testing. Even if a Aion showers its blessing of healing for but a moment on a dreadnought it has just squandered all damage you have done to it. Not even going to mention the Koschei's healing.

A match taking too long... Even If it's a grind fest the match max time is remarkably low to most MOBA games on the market.

Currently two good Corvette players that will activly provide flanking fire and put pressure on the healers will break most turtling comps. The mistake is that most COR players boost in thinking they ll get the kill first try. Which can happen with bad TAC players. Make the TAC cruisers pop CDs and when you see their energy down healing. Go in for the forsure kill.

Give leauge and heros of the storm as a example they both had double healing meta problems. There was much complaining like here. What the player base at large do was figured it out and countered it, then changed the meta drastically. It will happen here aswell.

Next week will be the PUT a CAP of 3 CORVETTE meta. smile

Taking cover will tremendously down your death time. Majority that fall usually do from over extending to a certain degree. Also focusing on one target and getting baited is not worth a death. Some times that enemy ships health is at 20% but the healer is holding him up and you have a option to press ahead to a bad position that opens you up to 5 targets firing at you for a possible kill. To a tatical retreat for a high chance of life.

I dont know what you main is but Remember if there is more then three targets focusing you down there is no single healer that can keep you up indefinitely. Your energy is life when you have no energy for defensive movement or shield back off. If you do press ahead. Try your best never to empty you energy to absolute Zero try to keep 10% for incoming missles so you don't get one shotted.

Riot gave some skins which was nice recognition. It supports the community with a simple thanks for rubbing out the kinks! Also creates jealousy !!

Oh I'm dying from anticipation ! Been hoping for a game like this since SC 1 . Yamato cannon is life!

Welcome ! This game looks ridiculously awesome. World of warship beta has been scratching my itch till this game sees the light of day!