Was really hoping to see a nerf to the Assault Blink Warp on the Mithras. You're pretty much feeding the enemy free kills if you playing any ship with less than 26000 HP or less and it's pushing a lot of ships out of the game

The game has been in maintenance mode since steam release. It's only a matter of time before Dreadnaught goes the same way as Gigantic, APB, Hawken, ect.The devs refused to address the communities complaints about progression and the in game economy untill the game was hemorraging players faster than they could hope to recover them.

Let this be yet another example of why devs with a "we know whats best for our game" attitude are doomed to fail.

I find that's really only an issue in Legendary qeue. The Veteren queue wait is usually no more than 2-3 minutes for me.

I think the big reason for the lack of legendary qeue population, is the fact that it takes an absolutely ABSURD ammount of time to grind out even a single tier 5 ship. We're talking hundreds of thousands of both XP and Credits just to make the jump from T4 to T5, then hundreds of thousands more to out fit that T5 ship with modules and you also need to grind other ships entirely to get the OBs you want. Honestly it's no suprize that T5 match making is so dead that you have to coordinate drops in global chat or on discord, when most players arent very motivated to sink literally hundreds of hours into the game for a single tier jump.

In the time it would have taken my to inlock the Cattaro, I've already unocked the Jutland, Voronez, and Vigo. For me at least, it really isnt worth putting in the effor to get into T5 when I can play veteren with a full fleet of T4s for the same effort.

ItsGary#1520 posted (#post-100770)

No issues at all dealing with Corvettes. Infact in my Palos they practically feed me kills when they don't learn.

The counter to the Corvette is not big guns. If Corvettes are chewing you up swap to counter them and assist the team or perhaps your positioning is off?

When they feed my Palos I sky rocket up the board, They melt in a few seconds and cannot get out of the 5.5km hitscan weapon range.

taken a few out in my artillary cruiser and dreadnought as well. Its hard to hit them when they get under your guns but its perfectly reasonable to hit them as they try to close the gap and then finish them with secondaries.

TLsmileR - Not eveyrthing can deal with everything. Counters exist in modules and ships. The first time you start seeing corvettes they are a pain until you get the grasp of countering and even just positioning.

I'm sure its just a coincidence that i go 10-1 at the top of the score board in almost every game i play a corvette in. Totally not broken at all, im just a god and everyone else is trash for not countering me

Corvettes either need bigger hitboxes, or weapon projectile speed needs to be buffed across the board.

i went 11 kills and 1 death on a loss and barely managed to break even. What the heck man?

KINE#3011 posted (#post-93548)

Been playing the tier 2 Jupiter Arms destroyer alot since I came back.

Can't seem to figure out his role and how it fits in a team atm.

Cannot take out Corvettes if it decides it doesn't want to die after diving your backline. Cannot burst down Artilleries. Cannot trade versus a Dreadnought.

Feels very much like a starter ship for new players to get their feet wet in the beginning where things only get better as you progress up into the the others in the sub class. Nothing wrong with this, just a boring ship to fly.

You kill tactical cruisers, and provide crossfire. It actually a very good ship if you play to its strengths as a front-line support fire platform. Playing peekaboo around cover, coordinating fire with other destroyers, reinforcing pushes, punishing over extended or retreating ships, ect.

DN_MiguelItUp#0468 posted (#post-94217)

I've noticed in games where they don't feel like a nuisance is when they're tagged very frequently and the entire team works together to control them.

See, thats the problem. It takes the entire team, constantly having their heads on a swivel and stopping everything they are doing to coordinate fire every time they see a corvette, just to keep them in check. not exactly an ideal balance approach.

now, I dont hate corvettes. I think they are the most fun ships in the game, but even I have to admit that they are super abusive, and there is very little you can do to respond to them as an individual player, besides dog-fighting in another corvette or spamming the target highlight thingy. You can even duel destroyers of the same tier with a bit of finesse, and that is just a little silly.

"hey man, just shield up" Tell that to my drain torpedo. Speaking as an abuser of corvettes, there really is nothing you can do about a corvette attacking you aside from having enough HP to survive its full burst combo or having 2 near by allies heal you and shoot the vette. Of course, in pubs, nobody is actually going to pay any attention to the vette except the person dying, sooooooo. That means anything smaller than a destroyer is pretty much dead to rights from my experience as a corvette player, and very rarely will a team actually pay any attention to you except maybe the one Palos on the enemy team, but he cant kill you anyway, unless you approach from the open for 4000 meters.

So, just stick next to your tactical cruiser and pray to god hes actually paying enough attention to save you.

One of the biggest issues with corvettes is that their primary guns significantly out range flack turrets, which should be an answer to vettes for a lot of ships. The second issue is that auto repair on corvettes is like having a get out of jail free card. They're hard enough to kill most of the time, even with heavy beam turrets, but when a corvette is flying around with full power to engines, speed amplifier and auto-repair active, it might as well be untouchable.

It also doesnt help that the light cruisers, which are purpose built just to kill corvettes, suck at it. They dont do enough damage to reliably kill vettes before they just fly away, they dont have enough HP to survive getting engage on by a vette and they dont have enough speed to respond to vettes or stay engaged with one. Basically the only thing they are good for is sitting next to healtatos to act as a deterrent and spot enemy corvettes so your team can shoot them down for you since you cant do it alone.